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Is America Going Nuts - Now with the food police

By JimHM ·
Ok - is it me or is America going crazy with this liberal/facist/dictator stuff. With the "I know better and how to run your life than you do." "I will tell you what you can and can't eat (demolitation man)- What you can and can't smoke, what you can and can't drive." I added Liberal because that is the group that started this whole thing with Second Hand Smoke - Now they same screwy SOB are going after the Overweight people..

I seen a news report were (I think this is the group) CSPA - even the media called them the FOOD Police (try NAZI's - ok facist not liberal) - But they want "TRANS-FATS" made illegal because they cause people to be over weight.... 90% of fried foods -

Now - isn't that what America is about, freedom of choice - Market society - you don't like it don't buy it and they will change it? Isn't that an American's right?

Next they will make it a Law that you have to exercise 2 hours a day - or they will make you.

These crazy SOBs want to control everything everyone does - Big brother is coming just only in 2004 not 1984 - 20 years late - or maybe 2014 - that will be a few years before I retire...

Ya - Demolatation Man - Salt bad for you so its illegal, word bad illegal, fatty foods bad illegal. Now wouldn't that be a happy happy - joy joy life to live. NOT.

Kind of We the all Knowing - will drive the SUV's - Eat the Fatty foods - Smoke the Cig's and Cigar's - and everyone else will do what we say - NOT what we do.

Ya - Hum - I've heard or read that before - was it Bagdad? Germany? South Africa? USSR? Hum - that did work in all those other forms of Government right... thats why a Republic can't work -

Hum -

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No Common Sense

by TheChas In reply to Is America Going Nuts - N ...

Jim, Your so called liberals feel a motherly need to protect people from themselves.

Far too many people in the US no longer are able to think for themselves and use "common sense".

Free market philosophy doesn't work for all things.

If left to "free-market" rules, the majority of people choose the lowest short term cost to them.

Back in the 40's and 50's, our parents were brought up to think about the repercussions of their actions and work toward future goals.

Modern US society has a short term instant gratification mentality.

If reference to "trans-fatty acids", only the most radical vegans are calling for a total ban on fried foods.

There are alternate oils and methods to prepare fried foods that have few or no trans-fats.
However, as with most products that are better for you, these oils and methods cost more.
The fast food industry is unwilling to change unless they all are forced to change.

I don't think it is a bad idea for people to ask their government to step in and require industries to make changes that benefit everyone.

Even if you don't eat fried foods, making the fast food chains switch away from trans-fat methods will benefit you.

The cost of health insurance won't rise as much because of the reduced health care costs for trans-fat related health issues.

People will be able to live longer more productive lives. This means that they will spend more on goods and services.

Similarly, even if you don't believe that second hand smoke is a health issue, restricting public smoking is saving you money.
Businesses don't need to clean and paint their offices as often.
Same for government offices.

Anyone who suffers from nasal allergies will tell you how much better they feel and function without second hand smoke around.

Do you believe that motorcyclists should be able to not wear helmets?
If so, are you happy to pay for the care for the ones that suffer brain damage?

So long as the population is willing, we need a little prodding from laws that look out for the public good.

When left to the "free-market" we tend to choose the cheapest route, not the best.


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Oh Chas

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No Common Sense

I still remember the days when I could go for a fast ride without a helmet on. It used to be fun back then although I must admit that most of the time I wore a Bell Full Face Helmet it was only something like a trip to the local shop or while at the beach a quick trip back somewhere to get something that you forgot.

Now days it's such a hassle to put on all the protective gear that I just use the car as ofter as possible. But hows this for some "Common Sense" over here the Bell Helmets are not approved for use on Australian roads as they do not have a very nice little ASA sticker on the outside of them but they do have the highest Snell ratting possible but even though it is only a stupid bureaucratic thing as the Australian Stand is so much lower that the Snell one if some upset cop pulls up up to hassle you they can fine you for not wearing an approved helmet.

Recently I had a motorcycle cop stop me and complain that I was wearing the Bell and he was only provided with some piece of junk. Apparently he didn't seem to think that his employers thought to much of the safety of their staff and he wanted to know exactly where I got the Bell from as he wanted one as well.


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An old lesson

by Oz_Media In reply to Oh Chas

When I was a teenager and raced motocross before getting into Trials riding, I was in Holeshot motorcycles (local EVERYTHING motocross store)and wanted a REALLY REALLY cool looking helmet it was freakin wild (to keep our US friends happy) it was emblazoned with the Stars and Stripes with a big Eagle on it, VERY cool and almost $100 less than the other one i was KINDA looking at.

While talking to my riding coach he asked me a REALLY good question.
How much money do YOU think a helmet is worth?
Well it's MY head, so I'd have to say about a gazillion dollars!
Lo and behold I left with the PLAIN blue BELL with MUCH better internal padding and ventilation, when trials riding in a small local competition, we were supopsed to ride up a 2X6 about 6' to get to the top of a scaffold and turn around (as you know without putting feet down)and return down the 2X6. While hop-turning I lost balance and as I was trained NOT to put my feet down, I just tunbled off the top, bike and all.

Yes, the plain BLUE Bell sure paid for itself.

Speaking of which, what ever happened to your claim with the Ducatti? You can email me if need be,

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Oh Mate don't even bring that one up

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to An old lesson

I'm still attempting to get a quote for repairs for the thing. I've already exhausted all the local Ducati dealers here and the best that one of those could come up with was an undated sheet of paper saying that they couldn't repair it very professional that one was. But all the others have just put it in the "Too Hard Basket" and seem to have forgotten about it. I actually had a police officer here today trying to explain why I got a speeding ticket on it after it was trashed and no longer running quite funny actually as even he said "Where the Hell Did you Get This Thing From?" When he first saw the bike.

Right now I'm doing up a list of parts and their costs and then taking it to a smash repaired about 100 K away so he can write out a quotation for repairs and list the currently unavailable parts.

Actually OZ that was one of Bell's advertising campaigns way back it went something like "If you have a $10.00 head buy a $10.00 crash helmet but if you have a valuable head buy a Bell!" Nice simple and accurate sure as hell sold me on those helmets as I just love them to bits and usually have them rot away before needing to replace them but the last one which I imported from America has only lasted something like 4 months before being tested out, thats actually something I've never done previously as well but maybe it was because it was made in Italy and not the USA that all the problems came from.


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Jim if you think you've got it bad

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is America Going Nuts - N ...

On this side of the pond they are talking about introducing a "Fat Tax" on all the fast food places to help pay for the hospital system.

Perhaps it's just good old cynical me but I only see this as another form of raising money for consolidated revenue without ever going to where it was originally claimed to go. I always get concerned when I hear any Government talk about things like that as it is just too stupid for words but what amazes me even more is the phone polls that are held where people actually seem to like the idea.


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Yeah well MacPukes is trying to look all health concious now.

by Oz_Media In reply to Jim if you think you've g ...

MacChucks is actually selling ADULT happy meals now. They come with a salad, some funky fruit drink and a free pedometer in the meal so you can see Hhow far you walked back and forth to your car each day.

Who are they REALLY trying to kid, this is MacPukes for Christ's sake! MacColon-Clogger specials!

Oh well, it's better than their other garbage if you are forced to choke it down I supose.

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Actually over here they are pushing

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yeah well MacPukes is try ...

Mac Pukes as a "Restraunt" I suppose it sounds more upmarket than fast food junk that is going to kill you if you keep coming back for more.

But not even the Advertising Review Board has raised an eyebrow over that advertising so either my idea of a restraunt is so out of date or those places that I take my clients to for lunch must be called something else.


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That's great

by Oz_Media In reply to Actually over here they a ...

I can just see the sign at the front desk.

"Welcome to Rotten Ronnie's, please wait on plastic Ronald's lap and wait to be seated by our non-English speaking hostess in the paper hat"

What restaurant would name a mascot GRIMACE?
How about 'Mr.Wince', 'Yucky' or 'The EEEEEWWWWW Monster'. Big FAT purle guy named Grimace, great marketing. What's amusing though is MacDonalds promo is prety much the best in the world. They don;t target teens or adults in marketing, they target infants. The colors were tested for several years before confirming Red and Yellow were the most attractive colors to toddlers.

Put a presold and hungry toddler in the back seat on a hot day and the car is definitely stopping at Ronnies.

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MacPukes...sells spam and rice?

by TomSal In reply to Yeah well MacPukes is try ...

When I visited my friend in Hawaii (AWESOME place btw - if you get a chance GO!), we went to "Mickey D's" - which was mainly for the kids, because my friend is one of those "so insane about keeping in shape they'll whine about everything YOU eat types" and her hubbby is an health nut...but anyway...SPAM!! Freaking SPAM at Mickey D's and RICE? I swear to god every damn Mickey D's there you see people ordering SPAM like its crack.

I was just thinking it was nasty -- they had it at 8 am for breakfast too. I like rice a lot but not at 8 am. Over here on the MAINLAND US we don't have that weird stuff at our fast food joints... no just the good old fast "MacPuke Burgers".

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Its that and more and I'm tired of it..

by TomSal In reply to Is America Going Nuts - N ...

First off, I myself happen to agree with the sentiment that you should eat at least reasonably healthy and you *MUST* exercise even if only 3 times a week @ 1 hour each time. Do SOMETHING. But no one should be badgered with it - not from government or business anyway.

I tired of this "we know what is best for YOU" era I feel we are in. Dude, I'm a grown man, I support myself, I pay taxes, I have a job, I keep my own house pretty nice and clean -- I think I'm responsible and capable enough to make my own decisions that affect my own health.

And this Political Correctness crap is giving me a rash too.

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