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    Is anyone at home?..


    by sboothe ·

    Has TechRepublic Support given up the ghost?

    After a repeated issue in browsing/reading discussions, which appears to be a database issue; ‘Page cannot be found’, 500 Server error, etc., I have written/posted questions to Support twice since the end of June. Both times I get the ‘You should expect a response from us within 24 hours’.

    Nothing. Nada. Not a peep.

    So I go on the site to check ‘My Questions’.


    I don’t mean my question was not ever there, I mean it was gone. After posting the second inquiry, I checked and my inquiry was actually there but still pending. Upon checking a few days later, it was gone, not closed, not resolved, but gone.

    Here’s a suggestion: When you commit to responding within 24 hours, either do so or don’t make the commitment in the first place.

    Here’s another: Take a look at your server load and make adjustments if your servers are getting hammered to the point of database timeouts.

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      Which contact system are you referring to?

      by Jay Garmon ·

      In reply to Is anyone at home?..

      We have several methods to accepted customer feedback. Which one did you use? Believe me, we need to know when stuff is broken.

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        TechRepublic Support []

        by sboothe ·

        In reply to Which contact system are you referring to?

        ‘My Questions’ is where I posted the questions.

        TechRepublic Support [] sent the auto reply and I sent an email to this address asking why there had been no response. I’m guessing no one monitors this address.

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