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Is Col branching out? (hal 9000)

By jdclyde ·
Looks like SheWhoMustBeObeyed must need more work done on her car for Col to have to branch out into a new line of business!

I guess everyone has their price, huh?

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Hal was created

by stargazerr In reply to Is Col branching out? ...

in 1992??? :^0 .. I honestly thought he was older than that ...


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He's just been

by Old Guy In reply to Hal was created

through the space/time continium a few times. :^O

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was going to... but....

by dawgit In reply to Is Col branching out? ...

It looks kinda good for a old thingie collecter, that I seem to be. But then I realized my Pod doors were already open. oh, well. (I'm going to fix that some day, really)

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JD you got a spelling mistake in there

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is Col branching out? ...

It should have read Cars not Car.

But if she's happy to think that I buy them for her who am I to upset the apple cart? It allows me to buy what I want when I want and even better still spend as much money as I like on restoring them. :^0

I tried giving her a Ducati once but that didn't work out at all well, I mainly bought it for the Veglia Competition Tacho that was in the box of bits for one of my Ducati's but just to keep her quite before I looked inside the box I promised that I would rebuild the bike for her just minus the Tacho which she didn't need anyway. Then When I started to look at the contents I found something really interesting a 1959 Factory GP Bike that had been badly treated and while I continued to INSIST that it was hers she wouldn't have a bar of it particularly when I used it for Classic Racing and spent a lot on money per year on it. She wouldn't accept that I was just Test Riding it for her. :_|

The fact that she couldn't pull the clutch in was beside the point really!

Now she accepts cars but refuses to allow me near any Motorcycle places but I really have to be careful with her as once I sent her down to Sydney to pick up an $8.00 part for Her Ducati as I needed it for a race meeting and they couldn't guarantee to get it to me in time so I flew her down and got her to pickup the part and instead of just returning with the one bit that she went there for she came back with about 36K worth of bits and pieces and presented me with the Bill! :_|

I haven't been brave enough to allow her to pick up anything for me since. I don't even allow her near the Snap On Dealer that I buy tools from as I just know that I'll get hit with a massive bill that she expects me to pay. :)

Col ]:)

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