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Is having a network at home.....

By Fonken Monken UK ·
...a sign that you have truely been overtaken by the dark side of IT, and that you are infact a total geek/nerd/dweeb (insert derogatory word describing IT type person here)?

I ask as within my IT career, I've met people who have, and my word!!!!! You can see how lack of sunlight causes a vitamin C deficiency!

A stupid subject, but its been one of them days. I'm not out to hurt anyones feelings before the flames start; I once averaged around 9.2% on '' but can confirm there's no cat-5 running around my house.

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Don't we all have wireless?

by neilb@uk In reply to Is having a network at ho ...

At least saddos like me who can Google in the bath.


p.s. "It's vitamin D", he says, after having a quick check from the toilet - because he CAN.

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Is having a PC too geeky?

by erich1010 In reply to Is having a network at ho ...

Is having a home PC too geeky?

Ten years ago, the answer might have been "maybe". Twenty years ago, the answer would have been "yes".

You could create similar arguments about the VCR, TV, and telephone. Just adjust the timeframes.

It is really the wrong question. The right question would be, "How quickly are home networks becoming mainstream, and how useful are they to have versus how much they cost?"

Given the current state of the marketplace. Networks are cheap and a lot of people have more than one computer. Even my parents have a home network, and they are barely tech literate.

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Depends what kind of P in PC

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to Is having a PC too geeky?

...I mean, we have a Cray at home, which resides behind the sofa and keeps the front room nice and warm on winders days but the whirring of things can distract you from the TV!

Anyway, I guess you're right; question of 'what point in time' but by golly, I've been severely frightend by some of my local tech support who love to wax lyrical about the LAN at home.

I say I'm quite happy with my Babbage Inference Engine at home, and thats enough for me!

: )

(and yeah, Neil, sorry you're right, Vitamin D is the photo-creative one - cheers)

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Yep I agree, not in today's world.

by TomSal In reply to Is having a PC too geeky?

I agree with, today its not really anything abnormal at all. It is the time we live in -- "tech" is definitely "hip" today.

This is going to sound extremely sexist on one hand, but its the truth...

You know how you can easily tell tech is in now? Look at all the women online today (ok ladies don't throw knives at me in the day the VAST majority of the "online world" was by far dominated by males. Sure there have (and always will be) exceptions where here and then you'd "run into" a female on a BBS or chat even the type of woman who 10 years ago would of said "that is way too lame" at the thought of using computers and the 'net, wholly embrace the technology and they now think its "cool" just like what us "geeks" were trying to say 10, 15 even 20 years ago.

Everyone has DVD players, more than one tv (more and more getting HDTV sets), MP3 players (you can have my Ipod when you pry it from my cold dead hands), cell phones (seriously besides countries that can't feed themselves, who DOES NOT have a cell phone today), **** even internet dating is more "accepted" in society than ever before...

So definitely NO...home networks or technology in general is not unusual, geeky or the like in today's world.

Now in my case my gf makes fun of me for how obsessed I am with maintaining my "geek toys"..but that's another story..

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No ...

by Zazelle In reply to Is having a network at ho ...

... having a server room is though. ;-)

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