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By GateBoy1 ·
When looking at the larger picture we have another problem. IRAN? This country has deeper terrorist ties than Iraq did before the war and they are close to setting up their own facilities for producing nuclear weapons. Israel who is an ally of the United States will not allow this to happen because it would shift the balance of power in the region over to the Iranians. I recently read that Israel is going to be forced to act and will undoubtedly attack Iran to prevent any terror group from access to nuclear weapons. They want the United States to strong arm them and make sure this doesn?t happen. If Israel does attack this will involve a strategic air strike on the all the plants or even worse, tactical nukes. If Israel attacks Iran to prevent more destruction at the hands of terror groups, should the Britain and United States Coalition support their actions and assist them. I for one think we should? Any thoughts on the subject?

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peace at any cost?

by freddy2k1 In reply to IS IRAN THE NEXT TARGET?

is there really any such thing as a tactical nuke? wouldn't even a 1 megaton bomb explosion result in global air pollutino, if not nuclear winter??? I thought civilized peoples had long ago decided no nuke is tactically safe for anybody. Maybe I'm naive.

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Nope -

by SkipperUSN In reply to peace at any cost?

A 1 megaton nuke - will do very little for Nuke Winter - it will **** some radioactive dust around for a few hundred miles.. But a 1 megaton isn't very much - For Nuke winter you will be talking in the Hundreds of Megatons -

And no there is no Tactical Nuke - just Nukes... take out a city - and a few hundred thousand non-combantants ... of course who would fire the first round - Hum Iran - or someother muslin country... this is an interesting time we live in.

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It depends on the nature of the strike.

by admin In reply to IS IRAN THE NEXT TARGET?

If it is against our interest we should take measures against Israel. If it is for our interest yet questionable ethically, we should restrain from support. If it is both for our interest and ethically sound we should assist. As our ally, we need to help Israel maintain accountability for it's actions, as any friend would.

Anyone tactically lessening the ability of Terrorists to enact acts of terror should be applauded. Israel has done some amazing operations to this end historically with covert ops. In my opinion they perhaps have the best covert operations in the world. They have no tactical need to attack Iran generally, and no need to use nukes for a tactical operation.

Any country that deliberately sheds innocent blood or causes unreasonable destruction outside the scope of the immediate threat of Terrorism should be held accountable up to and including committing Terrorist actions themselves.

Israel as the US should be careful to target specific known Terrorists, demand excellence in intelligence operations and tactically cause the least possible harm to carry out the mission. There is no need for nukes to carry this out.

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I agree

by maxwell edison In reply to It depends on the nature ...

No nukes would be necessary. A dozen or so very precisely placed "smart-bombs" is all that would be necessary.

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Actually, I think. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to IS IRAN THE NEXT TARGET?

...that Syria will be next.

And The United Nations will, most likely, again prove their impotence, and Israel will unilaterally take out some Iranian nuclear sites, evoking their right to a preemptive strike, in the name of self-defense.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Actually, I think. . . .

France won't do squat because they are all lazy ungrateful losers.

The Germans, ....well they ARE the enemy and have been for 60+ years now.

Canadians aren't needed and never help anyway because all we do is take form the uSA with no return.

God how do you all keep the world afloat so!

OKay, Max. I know you never said this stuff but you can't admit others have when it comes to The World America fighting the war on terrorism.

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by Oz_Media In reply to And

You know what I mean

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You said it - not me

by maxwell edison In reply to And

....but I won't disagree.

And after all, history has proved that both the Islam radicals and the Germans both hate - and are willing to kill - any Jew just for being Jewish.

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Right on the money!

by ProtiusX In reply to And

Oz, I couldn't have put it better myself. Thanks!

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I can't believe you see that reality

by Oz_Media In reply to Right on the money!

It CERTAINLY explains why the world is against the USA though, you spit upon the world unless they are curently standing at your side and defending YOUR cause.

Personally, my country of birth has been against France and the French longer than you have. Even then, British do not spew about how they hate the French, they don't really care for France's actions or, lack of, over the past 60 years, but they don't condemn French people just because they are French. Sure there are the jokes, just like Pole jokes, Black jokes, White jokes etc. (generaly the same jokes with the nationalities changed) but they don't **** on French people just because they think they should because others do.

You constantly blame me for expressig hatred of america, which I hae said time and time again, I don't hate America, I actually kow ad like many americans and have worked and run business in th estates, I hate your government. Nw for some bizzarre reason, this offends American PEOPLE! They actually get offended when the US administration or president is not liked! Go figure, "God bless America" as Bush would say. the sheep are all in the pens and accounted for.

let me ask you quite openly; Why is it that any dislike or distrust of your government or government officials is seen as a personal attack. As a Canadian, Brit or whoever, I just do not fathom this, nor does anyone else I know. Perhaps somebody could enlighten me as to just why you feel responsible for someone's actions that is in a political environment.

Now before you all start, I KNOW some people actually feel that it is their duty to support the president in his tasks no matter what he does and that they are making a difference, well that's cute and everything but hardly logical, don't flatter yourselves, Bush doesn't give a crap who you are or what you think, as long as he's elected.

So why do people in America feel so attached to their government adn so compelled to stand by it's decisions, whether right or wrong?

You have the only country on Earth that gives it's politicians as much slack as you do, you haev the only country on Earth that actually cares what the government is doing on a daily basis, others have already made their stand, they hae settled ad are just livig now, they o longer have anything to prove. Why does the USA?
Why would some country choose the USA and nobody else as a target for a religious attack? Others are Christians and aren't threatened by terrorists?
Could it be that the USA makes it's business KNOWN to the word ad expects to be praised for it? Is it all the incessant flag waving and patriotic ranting? Is it GWB ?

I never saw as much hatred for American politics before Bush, why now? He IS the best leader ever, right? How can sveral billion people around the globe oppose him and yet several hundred million Americans think he's doing just fine? Who's right here?

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