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Is it me or...

By steve.marshall ·
... is there something DEEPLY disturbing about the taster site for Microsoft?s attempt to usurp the iPod ?

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Holy cow. They've lost it.

by Bork Blatt In reply to Is it me or...

Once again - proof that MS marketing does NOT know how to communicate with audiences outside the business world.

I didn't plug in headphones, so I don't know if I missed a lot in translation, but the cartoon images are bizarre.

What is the message here?
"If you love rabbits, you'll love our MP3 player?"
"If you can't be the best, be best-ial?"
"Man's new best friend?"

Frankly, I couldn't be bothered to find out.

I wish MS would focus on core business instead of trying to take over every single tech industry out there; maybe their programming team would actually finish an OS now and again.

It is sad that at a time when they are about to release some of their best software ever, eg Office 2007, which looks like their first innovation in years, that they are having what appears to be a management / leadership crisis.

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Shouldn't that be Holy Rabbit ...?

by steve.marshall In reply to Holy cow. They've lost it ...

Your not missing anything without the sound, in fact, it only adds to the concern to listen to it...

I can only agree with you and wonder what on earth the marketing Director was smoking when he passed this no doubt "Innovatively targeted advert", I just wonder who on earth is the target.

Casual sexual bunny deviant...
Recently released Phaedophile...
Naive sub pubescent adolescent...

Can't imagine anyone else finding this advert compulsive.

I still get cold shivers everytime I see it, I intend to add the URL to my ban list to allow me to sleep at night

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Run, rabbit, run!

by Bork Blatt In reply to Shouldn't that be Holy Ra ...

Har har ;-) Yes, I missed an opportunity there.

Although, if the rabbit in question was holy, it is definitely not any more.

I have to admire Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert). He seems to see right through all the corporate bull - er - dung, that creates this type of marketing.

Not only does he see the lunacy of most big business, he has made money from it.

Well, at least MS has given many people a good laugh with this. (Not least of all their competition).

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