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Is it Mr or Ms Fix-It ?

By Tink! ·
In the discussion of differences of women and men in gaming, brought to mind the differences of men and women in general.

As techs we are called upon to troubleshoot and fix many, many things at the office. Is it the same at home? Are you also Mr./Ms. Fix-It for things at home other than computers?

I know I am, but I've always been a Ms. Fix-It even as a kid and long before I got into tech. I enjoy fixing things whether it be a computer, a screen door, or caulking a roof (which I just did).

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by Tig2 In reply to Is it Mr or Ms Fix-It ?

I have it easy as my partner is a programmer. I am a better trouble-shoot repair tech and I know more about network than he does.

I generally am the first call for help for his family- I think they like the fact that there are two of us now who know what their systems are doing.

We're kind of a shared resource family in general. My partner writes handy little utilities and games that we all use, one brother works for a local car dealership so we all take our vehicles to him, that brother's wife is a hairdresser- takes care of everyone's hair, another brother is an avid hunter so if we don't get a deer, we can at least get venison. It is really kinda nice- no one person makes the family function- we all do.

As far as home stuff goes, it really depends on who it irritates first. My partner does all of the cooking so I take care of laundry. He will ignore plumbing so I get that job. Thank heaven for Townhouses- neither of us likes to mow!

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Now Ladies....

by dawgit In reply to Is it Mr or Ms Fix-It ?

This one has got to an eye opener for some of us. Please, we men really want to hear this. I'm all for equal too, so let us know, we need to hear how some women are pulling their own weight around the house. And yes I know of more than 1 'man' who couldn't do _______. (fill in the blank, for some it's just about anything)

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by j.lupo In reply to Now Ladies....

I am it when it comes to fixing things in the house but I don't think it has anything to do with my being an IT person. I grew up in a family of all women -- no men. Therefore we all learned how to fix the roof, do the plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, mow the law, put up a fence, fix screen doors/windows, etc. What I didn't learn, and this is really funny, is how to cook.

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Ms. Fix-It

by ITgirli In reply to Is it Mr or Ms Fix-It ?

I started with repairing an old VCR my mom thought she threw away. later when I was about 10 or 11, I found an old phone and decided to wire a phone cable into my room. I hid the phone under my bed and the cable beneath an edge of carpet and only wired it up when I needed it. I used to fix watches for a few bucks. I have yet to find anything I haven't been able to fix. I've done some basic plumbing. I've doen just about everything. I'm a very hands'on type of person and I like taking things apart. I used to help my aunt with her roof or minor house repairs. And a lot of people expect free PC advice and when they find out I do computer work, they always want to ask me how to fix something. I don't mind, I like fixing things. If it's a real job, then I'll charge them to actually fix it, but it they just want a few words of advice, I don't mind taking the time to tell them. I'm an all around fixer. Fixing is fun. It's a shame you can't fix stupid.

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by tryten In reply to Ms. Fix-It

Baseball Bats fix stupid. And it only takes 2-3 good whacks for someone to learn their lesson.

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Heard about the cobblers kids'?

by gadgetgirl In reply to Is it Mr or Ms Fix-It ?

They were the only ones in the village that didn't have any shoes.....

I used to do a lot, but since the arthritis made a take over bid from the shoulders and wrists, I find I'm too ham-fisted for a lot of things now. I still sew, iron and thank goodness, cook; that's not just a necessity, it's a hobby too.

But I've generally had to pass over a lot of stuff to HOB, which comes back to the cobblers kids remark.....

He's a qualified brick layer and builder
He's a certified auto electrician
He's a qualified carpenter
He's a certified house electrician (lapsed)
He's a registered marine electrician
He also builds computers and repairs laptops


The stairs in the backyard took 4 years to fix
My reversing kit for the car took 3 months to fit
After 3 years, he still hasn't finished the outside of the closet upstairs
I still don't have enough sockets in the kitchen
We still have an inherent problem with the batteries on the boat
My new PCMCIA card for the lappie has been sold to other people five times after being repurchased for MY USE......!!!




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by jdclyde In reply to Heard about the cobblers ...

sockets in the kitchen?
Cupboards? Shelfs? Electrical outlets?

Scream for me baby.... I like it! ]:)

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only if you "do" decorating, too!

by gadgetgirl In reply to gg?

been in the house seven years.....

(remember this is a super-large, 6 bedroom house)

Bathroom's done
Shower room's done

(both through floor failure)

Living room's had a lick of paint.....

that's it.......


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but you didn't answer me

by jdclyde In reply to only if you "do" decorati ...

I was asking what "sockets" was?

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A little belated but...

by counter In reply to but you didn't answer me

They're electrical outlets.

I was recently thrown off after a visit to the States. My friend there called them sockets, whereas I, being from Australia, was used to calling them power points.

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