Is it possible to make my own DID (Direct Inward Calling Number)?

By fergarcia2000 ·
Hello everybody, as my title reads I'm interested in creating my own DID number. As I suppose most of you know a DID number allows you to receive calls in remote locations, while the other party is just charged a local call fee. You can wiki it here so you know what I'm talking about.

I use skype for communication, I have my family and friends calling from their computers around the world to my skype name, then if I don't answer in my Skype the call is automatically transfered to my cellphone. It works like a charm! Well... But what happens when the person interested in calling me does not have a computer in front of them and cannot afford the long distance charges that ringing my mobile imply?

I came up with this solution... What if I hooked up a cellphone to a computer using a datacable, then use a specialized software to transfer the incoming calls of that cellphone, to a skype account so the cycle can be completed.

Some of you must be thinking "Why doesn't this guy buys a DID number or a SkypeIn number?" The answer is actually quite simple, because they do not sell DID numbers in the city of Mexico that I'm interested in the most. Besides, if I find the right software, and cell phone to hack, people will be able to call me for free.. . wouldn't that be amazing?

I tried searching in google, yahoo and other major search engines with no luck. As soon as i entered the works skype, cell phone, DID, Number together... I got loads of useless information, that's why I'm looking in all forums to see if someone can help me out. Thank you very much!

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Hello I just rang you on your DID!

by ComputerCookie In reply to Is it possible to make my ...

Number not connected!
Why not create a DID for your home phone and use the same one for your cell phone and the same number for your computer. Then you can connect all to your computer.

At the same time create your own intenet IP address and you can get on the internet for nothing as well!

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by fergarcia2000 In reply to Hello I just rang you on ...

Either you didn't understand the question or your are trying to make fun of it in a stupid way... Keep up the good work champ!

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Trying to understand

by ComputerCookie In reply to ???

why you won't to create a DID when it's not connected to any network.

It's just the same as asking why can't I create an my own connection to the internet.

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by fergarcia2000 In reply to Trying to understand

It would be connected to two networks: One, the GSM service that the phone or divide would be connected in Mexico, and the other network would be the broadband internet connection using skype or other software... I don't think it is THAT hard. Besides, I think there is a large market out there if someone comes up with this invention...

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