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Is it possible to start

By zlitocook ·
A spyware/malware category? Like the intrusion detection category but with tips/tricks and how to's on detecting and removing them?

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RE: Is it possible to start

by Erik Eckel Contributor In reply to Is it possible to start


I believe John (TPG's senior editor) is preparing to publish (for TPG members) the Battling Spyware in the Enteprise eBook. When he does, the eBook will provide a single location for TPG members to access a special series of spyware/malware articles. The eBook is sold to non-TPG members for $9.95 and provides a thorough review of how spyware works and presents tips for combatting spyware/malware.

I'm not sure when John's scheduled that eBook to appear, but if you wish to e-mail me (erik.eckel @ I'd be happy to forward you a copy.

Spyware/malware challenges are a constant security (not too mention performance) concern, so rest assured that TechProGuild will continue publishing such information. We'll also give some thought to creating a separate category for combatting spyware/malware.


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I am?

Oh wait... I mean... I am! Yes indeed... any minute now...

There's already a Spyware Quick Guide available for download in the TPG Download Center.

Currently, most security topics are in the Infrastructure track. That's kind of what I was getting at in the discussion about track changes. Im wondering if it makes sense to create a Security track or something else rather than Infrastructure or soemthing liek that...

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Separate Security Track Sounds Good

by AndeAnderson In reply to I am?

A separate track for Security would be a plus for TPG.

Would it not need to have separate tracks for the unix, linux and windows OS? Since each have their own vulneabilities?

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