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Is " jdclyde" funnier than "neilb@... " ?

By NZ_Justice ·
Why do I ask?

Well I started this thread in the wrong section.**&start=0

It was supposed to be in Miscellaneous .

I was so put out by my mistake that I posted another thread in Miscellaneous

about the thread I had posted in netwrok addministartion , now I'm new to this posting in forums thing in TR (broke me cheery). So I didn't now you where suposed to but I link to the other thread. Now I was not getting instant replys to my threads ((thought that would happen ("jdclyde" or soemone else wised me up to this saying like a lot of people just read and thats it))except for "jdclyde" "Old Guy" and "faradhi", I got bored cuz people were not replying instantly to my post (how dare they not). This put me out, so rather than creating a new post, I thought it would be a good idea just to change the current post I was in. WTF (the W is who) new about forum ettiquite (not me). So on my new old post "jdclyde" tells me "It's not ettiquite to rewrite your post. At this stage I'm bored with this tread and the all-wise "jdclyde" tells me (umong other thigngs) just post new threads, so I'm like gees etiquttie wopty ******* doo. I'll post a new thread about how I scrwed up**0

I posted this forum in jest, wasn't supposed to offend anybody, but it did so "neilb@... " gives me a piece of his mind (rightfully so, he thought I was dissing him) so I post a dozen or so reply begging him to forgive me (I think he did) and I breath I sigh of relife, he tells me a bit about himself and " jdclyde" but " jdclyde" says he left something out, that some thing was "jdclyde" said he was funnier.

And here we are.

Man I can think of some crap threads, I think the thread about the anti anyoing law would aplly to me(the law not the thread). And the thread about bad grammer and spelling would apply to me too.

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When is NZ_Justice going to bugger off?

by neilb@uk In reply to Is " jdclyde" funnier tha ...
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hey thats bad etiquette

by NZ_Justice In reply to When is NZ_Justice going ...


I'll bugger of when I'm number one, so just get the top 5 people to stay away from TR for a few days so I can become number one then you will never here from me again (for a while anyway). I'm starting to enjoy giving you a tit full or whatever you said.

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Not if it's funny

by neilb@uk In reply to hey thats bad etiquette

I won't post to you again. You're getting on my t:ts. Posting meaningless, crap one-line answers to age-old threads just - I guess - to see your name in print is really sad. Nothing you have posted has been worth the reading.

Get a life you saddo.

And, to answer you're follow on, I said that I'm not going to post an answer to you again. I'll start reading yours if someone whose judgement that I trust tells me that its worthwhile. Otherwise - and to reiterate - GET A LIFE.

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you read it

by NZ_Justice In reply to Not if it's funny

hahahahahaha Oh I supose all your post are thought provoking and riveting.

I don't no why I bothering he said he isn't gone a read them any more.

He is so harsh on me :_|

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Not if it's funny

No I will not. Identity theft is a serious crime. you goto jail for long time for that.

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by jdclyde In reply to When is NZ_Justice going ...

that was pretty funny! :^O

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by maecuff In reply to When is NZ_Justice going ...

You aren't going to let him get under your skin, right? It'd be funny if he were witty, but there is a big fat line between caustic wit and having all the wit of an unflushed toilet..

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wit or

by Jaqui In reply to Neil

whiff of the unflushed toilet?

and how do you know if he smells that bad?

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by maecuff In reply to wit or

I don't know. Wild guess?

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they are right

by NZ_Justice In reply to hmmm..

I'm not one of the upper echelons members of the TR, I'm just a third class, third world citizen. we don't know what showers are, we envy the wit of neilb@.. and maecuff. Those guys are a hoot. down here there is only pettyness and jelousy and we are the sad pathitc haeps of the TR.:-( we get steep on by those with higher opions of themselves. IT is the purpose in our being here. Maybe oneday when my TR life ends I wil get reincarnated and I could join the ranks of the upper echelons members of the TR.

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