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    Is this supplier any good?


    by scndtnr ·

    Ran across “” when looking for cheap computer parts. I’ve never heard of them, but the prices look good. Anybody have any knowledge of this outfit?

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      Don’t know

      by cortech ·

      In reply to Is this supplier any good?

      I get alot of stuff from Newegg and Tigerdirect. I’ve found good prices and selection with fast service. Especially Newegg.

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        Tigerdirect is cool

        by mustangdr6372 ·

        In reply to Don’t know

        I am a distributor of parts to resellers, and from my experience on a personal level I have found that Tigerdirect is pretty good on the price, and their service and shipping is awesome. I ordered a PC for personal use, and it arrived at my door in 3 days. The problem I have come to find is that if you are a distributor, their are not many choices for purchasing where you can make any money like the resellers do. Maybe I am in the wrong to say things are slow right now, and prices kinda are high.

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      Is this supplier any good?

      by roland d’souza ·

      In reply to Is this supplier any good?

      Nope, never heard of ’em, but then I live In Sydney, Australia. I would advise caution. Check them out before you commit.

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      Geeks Rule

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Is this supplier any good?

      I have spent lots of money at The Computer Geeks.

      I have been shopping with them for over 5 years now with no real complaints.

      From time to time their warehouse backs up and it has taken several days for an order to be processed.

      This has not happened in the past 3 months though.

      In that 5 years, I have had 2 orders where they did not send the proper merchandise or include accessories as described. In both instances, a quick email got things cleared up and resolved.

      I also had 2 refurbished CD-ROM drives that did not live as long as I would have liked.

      Things to pay attention to:

      Some equipment is used. Follow your own instincts on items labeled as used.

      Read the condition statement closely on LCD monitors and laptops.
      I myself would not buy grade “C” on these items, and would be hesitant to buy grade “B”.

      Compare prices.
      Hard drives, CPUs and RAM may be higher priced than other sources.

      All in all, they remain 1 of my main sources for hardware.

      Their customer service is as good as NewEgg.
      Check them out on Sunday between 7PM and 11PM (EST) for some amazing specials.


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      Try this……………

      by hargerd ·

      In reply to Is this supplier any good?

      … – bought loads from them, never had any problems (certainly on the UK site anyway!)

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