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Is this worth fighting for?

By CarlitosWay ·
Hi guys,

I wanted your advice on a problem that I have regarding my supervisor. We'll call her "Lidia". I work in the IT department(tech support, helpdesk, network admin) in the goverment field handling 100-150 users. I am afraid that due to this problem the only solution I see is to, find a new job and leave the post, but before I take any measures I wanted your advice to see if this can be something that can patched and fixed or am I on way to looking at a new place?

<<Sigh>> Here we go..... I came to the position not to long ago with pc, network admin experience under my belt. Ever since the beginning my supervisor has known this and I'm afraid that she takes me as a threat to her position. Let me give an example. There was a problem on one of the servers last year were it would slow down at a certain point in the day. She was not able to find out what the problem was until two weeks later when I told administration that the problem was due to spyware, malware, keyloggers and fixed it myself. The reason I could find out was because someone from the IT department had the admin password and I was able to log in remotely and do a spyscan. During this two week shutdown I consistently asked her to let me take a look at the servers to see if I can help. She negleted and told me that this was above my "scope of understanding". In the end I wrote her an email with the details about this problem, she proceeded to blast me that this was not true,(even though it's in the spyscan logs). BTW, before this happened everyone in the IT department had only user permissions only including me. (Dont know why)

At this point she stills has us (in IT) at regular user permissions, tells us that meetings are not nessary, and dismissis any talks of upgrading or looking at new technology for the benefit of the organzation and let me tell you that low moral is not even enough to describe the way the IT department feels.

I have tried to talk to Lidia in the past about this, she cares, talks to us for a week or two, then closes the door to her office and we dont see her for weeks. I have tried to talk to administration about this but they dont seem to care to much, that is until something serious happens in the department. Also, I am afraid a little nepotism has something to do with her still being here, cause if I were administration she would have been long gone.

Is this worth fighting for?



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Only you can make that decision

by DC_GUY In reply to Is this worth fighting fo ...

Everyone has their own comfort zone of how much they'll put up with in order to avoid having to go out looking for a job. Jobs are not easy to come by these days, and there's a good chance that the next one you find will have a drawback that's just as bad as Lidia but not as obvious.

Your best move might just be to be patient and wait for the Lidia situation to come to a head and work itself out. She may lose the support of her friend in management if he gets tired of her screw-ups, she may grow up, she may experience an improvement in her personal life and start being nicer, she may learn to do her own job, or she may get terminated. It's also possible that you may be clever enough to figure out how to make this whole thing easier on yourself without waiting for a miracle. That's a really important job skill.

This highlights the fact that everyone should put their job in perspective. It is not your entire life. Do you devote plenty of time and energy to your family, your hobbies, your church or civic organizations, furthering your education, entertainment, exercise, etc.?

As I advise everyone, if you don't have a dog get one, and if you do, spend more time with him. Dogs are great for relieving stress, listening non-judgmentally, and putting life into perspective. There's a good reason that humans learned to love and live with dogs thousands of years before we learned to love and live with humans from different tribes.

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My opinion

by Choppit In reply to Is this worth fighting fo ...

In my opinion, from what you've said, this is worth fighting for. If "Lidia" is ever (she ought to be) challenged about system performance, who do you think she will blame for not resolving issues?

Question is, Do you think it's worth fighting for?

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Sounds like a custom built

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Is this worth fighting fo ...

opportunity for advancment to me. Nothing more satisfying than a stupid enemy. If she's as bad as you say, find an ally outside of the IT department, provide them with a better service than she can. Your comparisons between her and your skill levels won't do a lot of good, theirs will.

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by apotheon In reply to Sounds like a custom buil ...

That's hilarious.

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What is

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to hah
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snarky phrasing

by apotheon In reply to What is

Your turn of phrase, there. I guess I'm amused by certain manners of discussing the congenitally dumb.

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I like competing with the stupid

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to snarky phrasing

I still win even on a bad day, well given a reasonably level playing fields. The less level it is the dumber an opponent you need to hammer a piton into on lifes slippery slope.

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problem being..

by Jaqui In reply to Sounds like a custom buil ...

the apparent nepotism that has current person still holding position.
if that is why, then there is very little to do to get them removed.

maybe, whenever there is a major problem, solve it, send solution to the it manager, with bcc to entire board.
forward it manager's replies to board.

a few times of this happening, and current manager's incompetence revealed may get them fired.

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Poster is also a problem

by dafe2 In reply to problem being..

He/she was making (unauthorized)changes to a server.

I'll bet there's a "rest of the story".

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"Rest of the story"-Here it is!!!!

by CarlitosWay In reply to Poster is also a problem

I am still here.....

All jokes aside, wouldn't you guys think that having a Terminal services network down for one-two weeks is being a bit abusive??

Dafe, I do take your statement of "unauthorized access" into consideration. I must admit though that the thought of "unauthorized access" really didnt bother as much when you compare it to the fact that staff had to turn to the old paper and pencil for two weeks to then input that information into the Terminal services system again, and that included IT Dept....

I guess for me it is the "thought" that counts.."thought" meaning being being helpful even though your boss is a pain and wont give a thanks, and helping the agency get back on it's technical feet.

I would like to thank everyone who responded to this thread, you have been extremely helpful. I will provide you guys with updates as time goes on.

Many Thanks,


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