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Islam, enemy of all non-muslims?

By jdclyde ·

Abdul Rahman is facing a death penalty for the high crime of converting from Islam to Christianity. In the Islamic faith, this is a crime punishable with death.

"We are not against any particular religion in the world. But in Afghanistan, this sort of thing is against the law," the judge said. "It is an attack on Islam." - Judge Ansarullah Mawlavezada

"He would have been forgiven if he changed back. But he said he was a Christian and would always remain one," prosecutor, Abdul Wasi told AP. "We are Muslims and becoming a Christian is against our laws. He must get the death penalty."

these are the people we are told we should be trying to reason with? I am very afraid the Muslims of the world are going to make this world war III, Muslim vs non-muslim, kill or be killed.

This of course is after the different flavors of savage muslims kill each other off. In the mean time, the civilized nations of the world will be standing around trying to reason with crazy people.

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Religious law

by BFilmFan In reply to Islam, enemy of all non-m ...

I would point out that a number of societies in history have used the "convert at sword point or die" principle of dealing with others. Due to those experiences, civilized people, no matter their belief or lack thereof, recognize that it is a basic human right to believe as you wish, as long as your belief doesn't harm another.

What chaps my behind is that we (the US taxpayers and others) spent billions of dollars to free these people to only watch them create another autocratic government. The allies certainly didn't give Germany, Japan and Italy back to the people that started WWII.

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It is time the civilized nations

by jdclyde In reply to Religious law

stop giving ANY financial aid to any and every nation that follows this type of barbaric law.

Yes, it is a shame that an entire race seems to be completely insane. If this is still seen as a just part of muslim life, people will start to see that maybe muslim DOES equal terrorist? What a shame.

So where are all the human rights groups now? Quick to cry for people in a US prison that is being treated better than he deserves, but where are they during modern day religious persicution?

(kind of funny that this has already been banned from the "NEW" discussion list)

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You said "(kind of funny...

by Dr Dij In reply to It is time the civilized ...

Well yeah,

TR people aren't dummies.
They don't want their servers blown up for talking bad about radical muslims.

Islam is facing a serious crisis in that the moderates need to reign the extremists and agree to rule of law rather than rule of religion, if they want to co-exist in a civilize world.

Sadly, the radicals think that the way to get what they want is always by force. In Thailand, radical muslims in remote village were cutoff from govt funds. They actually said that they thought they should get more money 'to keep them quiet'. Brilliant, lets reward terrorism!

If they don't, they will be ignored, spat on by rest of world, the very things they claim they do not want. (as long as the rest of the world looks away while they kill people for helping women, for free speech in indonesia ( a moderate newspaper and Islam self help groups were targeted with killings and death threats, censorship by death threats there))

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Rule of law vs Rule of religion

by rob mekel In reply to You said "(kind of funny. ...

And there lies the problem as the Sharia is the law in Islam ruled countries.
There are even proposals that the (or parts off) Sharia should be implemented in Canada. ( or )

As long as people don't separate state from religion this will happen.
Hence as "the west" still has some laws/rules that refer to Bible/Torah or whatever religious book or religion, the Islam orientated countries will refer to the Sharia.

This will stay this way unless we all get together and declare a bill of rights that underbids this and all of us have to obey to.

Does sound like human rights bills of the UN, doesn't it! So maybe we have already implemented this but do not enforce it as it should have been done. Or the UN has not enough power to enforce (all of) its members to do so! I wonder how that has become this way?


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He did call it "funny". I disagree. I'm not at all amused.

by Absolutely In reply to You said "(kind of funny. ...

This is a worthwhile topic, even though jdclyde is the individual who raised it.

Dr Dij: "Islam is facing a serious crisis in that the moderates need to reign the extremists and agree to rule of law rather than rule of religion, if they want to co-exist in a civilize world."

Absolutely: What leads you to assume that "they want to co-exist in a civilize world"? After expelling the atheist Soviets, with the assistance of the United States, numerous nations proved that given the option of democracy with universal human equality, (not to be confused with formalized mob rule such as what is being developed in Afghanistan & Iraq at my expense and that of all other US taxpayers) they were never fighting for freedom at all. They just disliked communism because they had already acquired an addiction to their own local brand of totalitarianism.

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JD The US is not exactly the most civilized nation

by mjwx In reply to It is time the civilized ...

You seem to forget that the US is heavily Christian. If not for wealth I suspect the US would be acting in much the same manner as the Middle East with the exception of the fact you would kill for Jesus instead of Allah.

Perhaps the Islamic fundamentalists want WWIII but they will not ignite it (the will only provide an abundance of fuel) it is there way to avoid blame. With a belligerent Texan in the white house this job is made easier for them. Individual responsibility seems to be foreign concept to all religious fundamentalists regardless of their beliefs. The kind of economic strain and social discord another major conflict will cause will be detrimental to the US who's economy is already under strain from its current wars (note the plural you?re still fighting in two foreign nations) and increased global competition.

The US compared to other western nations is not a beacon of civilization. I can?t seem to find this quote on Google so I can?t tell you who said it but here goes "the mark of a civilized man is to discard less desirable traits in favour of better ones". To quiet a few Americans greed is a desired trait. Perhaps you should correct your own society?s shortcoming first and provide an example to these ?barbarians?.

Secondly the US is the biggest reason that we can?t stop giving the Middle East money. You need their oil. There is not enough oil outside the Mid East to maintain global economies. Just to screw with your heads a bit Google LATOC (Life After The Oil Crash).

I have resigned myself to believing that I can?t change the world yet. But I can try to change the society I live in.


P.S. this post is decidedly anti-American I?ll be the first to admit that, but is it undeserving.

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Can I just elaborate.

by mjwx In reply to JD The US is not exactly ...

I am not anti-American.

I just dont want to go to war. Me, I'm 23, male and working in a non priority industry. Am I the only one who can spell conscription.

"War is not nice" Barbera Bush.

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what do YOU do

by jdclyde In reply to Can I just elaborate.

when it becomes a capital offense to Not be muslim?

If this man is put to death, this is going to be a real wake up call to the rest of the world.

Crime? Not being muslim. punishment? death.

That is nuts, as is everyone that thinks it is "just their culture". Rabid dogs have to be put down before they bite and infect others.

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I dont live in an islamic country

by mjwx In reply to what do YOU do

In fact religion doesn't hold much sway over here. I don't want to die for a war which I am dead against.

A little while back this little churchie named abbot (we have a Costello in parliament as well) was making noise against Islam saying that "we (Australia) will never have Sharia law" in an attempt to create US style fear amongst the masses. It didnt work, Tony Abbot had to go back to the abortion debate with his tail between his legs.

If we kill all Muslims then what, we will need to destroy the next minority (blacks, Jews, Asians, take your pick). Eliminating your current threat will not make you more tolerant. Eventually they will have to shoot you because your neck just isn?t red enough.

This kind of fear mongering doesn't affect me. A war however will.

To further fuel the fire, whilst I hold no religion as my own if I were to choose it would be Satanism (Anton Zsandor LeVay) which I have found to the most tolerant of religions (with the exception of Buddhism) and most fitting with modern life.

P.S. you may actually care to find out about the religion for your self before making posts against it. I will not tell you about Satanism.

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You are right about one thing

by jardinier In reply to I dont live in an islamic ...

A majority of Australians are not religious at all -- a comparison with Americans which I attempted to make in a recent discussion.

However in John Howard's successful endeavours to gain re-election in 2001 by lying about the "people overboard" and making a big issue about the "boat people," he sure demonstrated that intense racism is very close to the surface in an alarming proportin of Australians.

I was actually horrified to find that so many of my "Christian" friends held so much hatred for these Middle Eastern people about whom they knew nothing.

The situation was of course exacerbated by the concurrent pack rapes of young Australian girls by young Lebanese males. I don't recall whether these young males were Christian or Muslim -- I think they were Christian.

But how easy it was/is to lump all Middle Eastern people (except Israeli Jews) together as a threat to western society.

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