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ISVs - the way forward

By sabapathy.narayanan ·
Some of my observations on the way ISVs will move in the coming years:

- Open source will never replace enterprise level proprietary applications.
- Business offerings will involve offering of services, disguised as software. ISVs would definitely want to continue offering their on-premise versions
- Surprisingly, many ISVs still consider offering Service based delivery model as a competitive advantage. This talks about the adoption levels as opposed to market predictions. Add to this, there are many ISVs who have SaaS characteristics built in their software, and still dont call them SaaS enabled.
- Integration technologies, be it 3rd party tools or utilities built in their software, would become very important.
- Customization Vs. Configuration will remain an eternal debate
- Debate on engineering methodologies will continue, and whatever that is used would essentially be called a differentiator.
- Each of the implemented software will outlive their usefulness, effectively increasing the ability of ISVs to garner more revenue
- Professional services revenue will outdo license revenues by and large
- Move towards SOA-based platform will increase
- ISVs would want to introducte newer and innovative products, and also upgrade their existing products without substantial increase in R&amp expenses. Effectively, this means doing more with less and optimization of development processes.

These are some of my observations and I would like to hear from others as to what they think.

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Open Source will never....

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to ISVs - the way forward

Enterprise level proprietary applications tend to be highly customised or in house. They also tend to be platform specific. Once one is in place and entrenched in the business processes, replacing it with anything becomes highly problematic. Attempting to justify doing so aside from extreme external circumstances, is the province of fools and fanatics, and possibly fanatical fools.

Note your prediction of a shift to SOA, does give an opening for OSS encroachment as the bulk of these systems tend to be monolithic in effect if not in actuality.

Probably the only way of cost effective attacking an enterprise level legacy system is to chop lumps off it and you end up with a much more adaptable system to boot.

Each of the implemented software will outlive their usefulness, this is a prediction?

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Each of the implemented software will outlive their usefulness..

by sabapathy.narayanan In reply to Open Source will never... ...

The pace at which each of the implemented software will outlive their usefulness will increase. User requirements are growing at a rapid pace and they would want to have features appropriate to their business requirements rather than adapting to the software.

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That's been a given in computing since

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Each of the implemented s ...

someone asked for alternating green and red beads on their abaccus.

Can't see where you are predicting an increase from, all software is effectively obsolete before it's released, often before it's planned.

Realisation that this is the case could increase I suppose.

This is a straight rewording of your other 'prediction' the customisation/configuration debate will continue.

This is not an IT issue, it's a business one.

As I often say to my customers when they ask if they can have something. I can have it boil the kettle and make you a coffee if you want, are you prepared to pay for it?
Most of the time, the answer is no.

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