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IT Appreciation Week

By deurich ·
Whatever happened to IT Appreciation Week? I see a number of Appreciation Weeks for every thing else but IT......are we forgotten?

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by onbliss In reply to IT Appreciation Week

Sometimes we (society) do get overboard with the appreciation weeks.

As an IT professional, having worked only in IT, I don't think we need an appreciation week. If we have one, it would just embarass me. Compared to some of the other professions, we earn lots of money. It is not that I have a low esteem of me and my profession. I love IT and the work I do. And I also know our work helps the companies that we work for, and ultimately helps the society.

For some reason I would find it fitting to appreciate others. Some of the people I can think of are: farmers & food producers, teachers, medical professionals, military personnel, police and fire fighters.

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Excellent post

by TechExec2 In reply to hmmm...

Excellent post.

Appreciation weeks should be reserved for people who are under-appreciated. Software engineers don't fall into this category. But, some others in IT do. For example, people working the 3rd shift mounting tapes and loading paper into printers in the mainframe datacenter do.

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appreciation days/weeks

by apotheon In reply to hmmm...

I'm not terribly keen on an IT appreciation week either, but for a whole different reason.

I'm a veteran, having served in the Army. There's actually both a Veterans Day and a national holiday dedicated to people who are serving, and have served, in the military -- that national holiday being Memorial Day. Guess how much that makes a difference:


Veterans Day is ignored every year, and Memorial Day is a parade and a chance to skip work. The whole notion of showing respect for military veterans and martyrs has been cheapened and turned into fodder for stupid jokes, bad greeting cards, and getting drunk the night before since you won't have a hangover at work. What's the point?

Leave IT without appreciation weeks and the like. I don't need more stupid little greeting cards cluttering up drawers at home. Give me an employer who appreciates me all the time, instead.

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Not quite.

by dncbrady In reply to appreciation days/weeks

You've got it wrong, which is not surprising for an Army Guy.
Veterans Day is for those who served.
Memorial Day is for those who died while serving. That makes a BIG difference, as far as I am concerned. EVERY day is IT day - because they can't get along with out us!
BTW - I'm a Marine - just not active.
Semper Fi!

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You need some help with reading comprehension.

by apotheon In reply to Not quite.

I'm fully aware that Memorial Day honors those who've died in service. I didn't specifically differentiate between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but I also didn't specifically say anything about which day was particular to what purpose -- because that wasn't the point of my post, so I didn't belabor the irrelevancies.

"not surprising for an Army Guy."
Oh, yeah, and screw yourself for me. Damned Moron Corps, so wrapped up in all the brainwashing you actually believe the crap they shovel you about how Maroons are better than everyone that can't fit his head in a jar.

What do you do for the Department of the Navy? Are you the Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer? Do you fly a desk? You probably think you're tough because your personal covers have points and stamped pictures of anchors on them, even if you'll never be within a thousand miles of the front lines. I bet you work in Finance.

I find your pathetic, underhanded attempt to disparage me based on the fact I have hair somewhere other than a three-inch diameter circle on the top of my head and an eighteen-inch swath down my back to be utterly witless and without honor. Pogue mahone.

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That was a little over the edge

by HavaCigar In reply to You need some help with r ...

even for an Army Guy. A tad touchy that you were only in the Army?

And, even if he did work in finance, he was a rifleman first, just like ever other Marine.

The Marine Corps is part of the Department of the Navy...the Men's Department.

At least he didn't make fun of you by calling you a muffin head or a toad anything disparaging, quite unlike you. Read some sonnets or whatever floats your boat to relax a bit and chill out.

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learn to read

by apotheon In reply to That was a little over th ...

If you didn't see what he said as disparaging, you're living in a fantasy world.

edit: . . . and that "rifleman first" crap is just that, crap. An extra couple weeks every year of making sure you didn't forget everything taught to you in boot camp as compared with the Finance flunkies in other services doesn't make you a hard-charging ground-pounder. Don't try to play bad mofo with someone who's been through three rapid reaction force airborne infantry units, including the 75th Ranger Regiment. Your "Marines are better Men" rhetoric doesn't fly. Come back and talk to me about how tough you are when you've been Force Recon, and maybe I'll buy you a beer and reminisce. Until you've flown in a Sea Stallion with Force Recon guys over northern Africa (or equivalent), you need to stop playing these lame testosterone games.

Stick to the points:

1. holidays

2. some jackass decided to act superior to me because I was an "army guy"

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He didn't need to act,

by HavaCigar In reply to learn to read

You proved him superior. He said "an army guy" and you launched into a tyrade about Marines. If you want to see a real jackass, look in the mirror.

Carry on soldier.

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The obvious response . . .

by apotheon In reply to learn to read

. . . coming from another Marine. Somehow, you seem to feel like you have to take the side of a fellow Marine, regardless of how much a moron and unconscionable jerkoff he is.

I guess we're seeing the end result of all that "unit, corps, country" nonsense they crammed in that jar with your haircut. Maybe you'd be more able to react with something more substantive than "Marine good!" if you relearned the ability to think for yourself after boot camp.

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Sorry to hear

by HavaCigar In reply to learn to read

that your ***** envy has so much control over your life.

Carry on little soldier.

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