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IT Consultants - How do you warranty your work??

By cttechie ·
I've come to learn that I need to start establishing some guidelines with my customers. I'm finding myself doing a lot of "free" work here and there to make some clients happy. More often than not, I have been the cause of a new or ongoing issue (and admit responsibility when I do). I find myself feeling "bad" for my client (home users) and don't want to have a short visit costing $75 turning into a $375 visit.

So, I was wondering if someone had a template from which to construct your own warranty of service. For example, how long is your work guaranteed for? What does your warranty NOT cover? I'd like to include a warranty/guarantee on the back of my invoices.

Thank you.

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A little clairification?

by Mickster269 In reply to IT Consultants - How do y ...

How do you define "Consulting" ? What does that include? Is it hardware? software? networking?

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Home users mostly

by cttechie In reply to A little clairification?

Basically any sort of h/w, s/w troubleshooting, spyware infestations, wireless networking, etc. Pretty much anything a home user would need help with.

In terms of busines consulting, I outline the terms more clearly, but my biz clients are usually standardized and easier to deal with. Whereas home users can be a nightmare.

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Ah, ok

by Mickster269 In reply to Home users mostly

I would break it down by task.

Hardware iw covered by a manufacturer's warrenty. That you can honor by aiding the return of defective parts, and re-installing them.

As for networking, I would give them a 30 day window from install date to work out the kinks (if any), but set a time limit on how many hours in that 30 days you will work for free. (Or one week, 14 days, whatever. But set a time frame, or they'll call you in 6 months expecting free work).

When it comes to software troubleshooting, spyware infestations, etc - that is one where I would explain what I did to fix the problem, explain what happened, and how to avoid it in the future. That I would charge for each and every trip out. They'll learn soon enough what not to do if they get to pay for their mistakes.

The best suggestion I can give is that you be fair to the home user- (you don't want to bleed him dry) and be fair to yourself -(you don't want to lose money on the job).

If you are up front about all of this, then the home user knows what to expect, and you also know what is expected of you.

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