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It occurred to me..

By maecuff ·
that if more people in the world were like Elwood P. Doud, the world would be a much more pleasant place to be.

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Funnily enough

by GuruOfDos In reply to It occurred to me..

I was discussing this very subject with my 6' invisible rabbit earlier this evening.

A few more Elwoods couldn't do any harm and as you say, the world might be a better place because of it. One down side that did occur to me is that for every E.P. Doud there would accordingly be one similar rabbit. This does introduce one minor problem which is this:

Six-foot tall invisible rabbits must, it follows, produce a significant quantity of (invisible?) rabbit droppings. The world may 'look' like a better place (obviously you can't SEE invisible rabbit-poo) but in a short space of time, it may just begin to whiff a little :-)

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by Oz_Media In reply to Funnily enough

Did someone say 6' invisible rabbit?

hahaha! ;-)

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Scary bunnies!!

by GuruOfDos In reply to HUH?

When I spotted the delightful Mae's post last night I did wonder to myself how long before anyone asks "WTF is she on about?"

May I suggest a wander over to the Internet Movie Database ( - a TinyURL would have been MUCH longer!) and search for 'Harvey' under Titles!

All I will say is James Stewart at his comic best!

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by Oz_Media In reply to Scary bunnies!!
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good point, however...

by maecuff In reply to Funnily enough

Just because a person is like Elwood P. Dowd doesn't mean they must have a 6' invisible rabbit. I'm sure it helps, but not necessary. Although, martini's are probably more fun with a rabbit friend.

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by Oldefar In reply to good point, however...

A hero of my youth!

Perhaps because I never cared for martinis...
Well you may see me tonight,
with an illegal smile.
It don't cost very much,
and it lasts a long while...

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Don't need a 6' rabbit

by mrbill- In reply to good point, however...

I agree. A 5'6" Bunny would be better for me. More my size.

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