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IT Pros and Coffee

By Lodai ·
Is there a specific brand of Coffee that IT Pros drink? Are we "coffee snobs"? The reason I ask is that most IT Professionals that I know (myself included) drink quite a bit of coffee. As well, we all seem to discuss the different brands available. I have a couple of favorites... Jamaican Blue and a nice Guatemalan blend.

Just curious on a Sunday afternoon.

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I am a hot chocolate fan ...

by stargazerr In reply to IT Pros and Coffee

Never did like coffee much ... (Except, maybe, espresso) ...

I get through 8-9 cups of hot chocolate and a couple of cokes during an average working day ...

I hope this doesn't ruin my reputation as an IT person ... <looks around nervously>


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I guess that's acceptable as well

by Lodai In reply to I am a hot chocolate fan ...

Hot chocolate is good too, but only if it's made with milk and not water.

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by stargazerr In reply to I guess that's acceptable ...

Thats being stingy ....

Even says that it has to be milk ...

Who are we to refuse??


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It's only a rule to live by if...

by M_a_r_k In reply to Water??

...if it's in wikipedia.

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by nazil dsouza In reply to I guess that's acceptable ...

ummmmm smell coffee....... coffee and it pro goes together u have to hold a mug while dealing situations hahaha

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The mug could very well be ...

by stargazerr In reply to coffeee

of hot chocolate ...


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Peets Coffee

by terry.floyd In reply to coffeee

I've long been a fan of very strong, high octane brews, particularly esspresso. The best I've found in this area (San Francisco/Northern California) is made at Peets Coffee and Tea. While they are based in Berkeley, California, they have stores all up and down the west coast, and apparently as far east as Chicago and Boston.

They also do mail order, so check out for more details. Full Disclosure: I do not own stock in Peets nor do I make any money off of recommending their product. I've just "invested" so much money in the business over the years by being a customer, that I think they deserve your consideration if you really love great coffee.

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Peets Works

by Pancho_DBA In reply to Peets Coffee

I agree with tfloyd. I used to enjoy Pascua or Pasqua until they were swallowed by starbucks and disappeared. Peets has excellent coffee and they seem to be dedicated to finding good sources and refining roasting methods. If you visit the North Bay, check out Wolf Coffee in Santa Rosa area, and Rohnert Park. There is a Peets in Petaluma now too!

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by wilford In reply to I guess that's acceptable ...

But hot chocolate is good when you make it with coffee

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Water ends up being my game!

by allie89 In reply to I am a hot chocolate fan ...

I never liked coffee much either (although I am Brazilian, the taste and aftertaste have never appealed to me)...
I also enjoy hot chocolate but don't have that many opportunities to drink it during the day (usually too busy to fix a cup of chocolate)...
So I guess water is my game afterall. Easy to get, quenches my thirst, and is also good for my body!

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