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It sure is easy to miss discussions in this new layout

By jdclyde ·
There have been many discussions I don't see until a few days after the fact, and have heard many lately saying the same thing.

I think the top list along the right side missing plays a big factor of that?

Does ANYONE EVER follow the "Reccomended"? I have never seen anything listed there that would make me click on them.

Contacts online? As there isn't an IM feature, who cares?

My Updates? showing three random discussions with no rhyme or reason is of no value to me.
You select the "view all" and you have to start following along different screens again.

My membership information? I KNOW all that, so don't need to see that instead of the old list.

Can you trade that out? It is greatly missed. The number of new discussions that end up with only between five and ten post are proof positive that something needs to be done or discussions will die all together, from a community stand point. Discussing this with others, I know I am not the only one that is having issues with the lack of finding discussions.



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I have to agree

by neilb@uk In reply to It sure is easy to miss d ...

I'm almost getting so I can't be bothered. I've no way of knowing what's worth looking at any more so I tend not to bother much at all. Previously, even when I was as busy as I am now, I could check things out quickly and see which of the discussions that I was interested in were active.

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I am in and out a lot more as well

by jdclyde In reply to I have to agree

There is very little of interest that I can easily find, and sometimes have a hard time finding things when I know what I am looking for.

Even trying to look for tech discussions has been a disappointment.

I also greatly miss the old method of looking for questions to try to answer before Chas and Col get to them.

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And, now they're not even Tech. Questions.

by deepsand In reply to I am in and out a lot mor ...

Since the Tab now reads simply "Ask a Question," it's assumed by many that that forum is intended to be open to any and all matters.

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oh..(i'm too rude)

by Shellbot In reply to I am in and out a lot mor ...

"I am in and out a lot more as well "

you've already got a **** up doll then?

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shush woman

by Jaqui In reply to oh..(i'm too rude)

he didn't want that advertised!! ]:)

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A perfect example

by jdclyde In reply to shush woman

so out of practice, I didn't even realize I was giving away so dang much information! :0

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by Oz_Media In reply to shush woman

Did someone tell a woman to talk? I was sure a woman was saying something.

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i'm just pretending

by Shellbot In reply to shush woman

that i didn't see you shush me!!!

why i oughta......

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totally agree

by ez_1putt In reply to It sure is easy to miss d ...

I don't post much but I *did* like this site for reading interesting discussions. Now when I visit, I never stay for very long because I don't see the *hot discussions* and I don't feel there are many interesting discussions occurring when quickly skimming the homepage of the forums.

Also, how long do I have to look at that 'Flame Fractals' post? Can i bury that somehow? Perhaps, i haven't put much effort into personalizing 'my space' but I feel I shouldn't have to in order to get the same content I easily found before. I would think most techie types have more important things to do than personalizing their site.

I really miss aspects of the old layout.

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My point exactly

by jdclyde In reply to totally agree

That whole section is of no value to me.

Then there are the little movies that keep playing underneith it that don't interest me, but that IBM one for the x series is something I will be checking out later on this week. Advertise a product I want, not annoy me with animation. But that is just me....

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