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By 5jgibbs ·
Well, for our group students for troops overseas aid, we needed a super fast laser printer. From the pockets of US, we went to ebay, and saw a used HP 4200N for 500 dollars. We all put our money together and I made the transaction. It arrived, it was NOT A 3200N it was a Xerox 4517, and it looked like it had been hit by a car. I sent it back to the guy after telling him, ?cost me 24 out of pocket?. And he said, ohh, is that what kind of printer it is. Im sorry!!.. The printer is not even worth 100 dollars, and its BROKEN!!.. After talking with square trade and ebay, there is nothing they can do because of the fact that it was not specific in the advertisement.

Is there any way that any of you could help us out, I am turning to you as a NEW member. We really need a laser printer, our group depends on shipping out letters around the community, and putting up advertisements and so on. So we PRINT A TON. Our school has said we CANT use there printers anymore ?hp 4350?s? anymore because its US printing thousands of sheets, and the rest of the school printing MORE. Any help or encouragement you could provide is very grateful and generous of you all.

You can find out more information on our group at

You can also find our article in the local news paper here.

Thanks so much guys, I am really down and out about this, but what are ya gana do.


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sorry I can't offer a printer

by Oz_Media In reply to ITS A SICK SICK WORLD

Your cause is just and you goal is firm.

Your website looks nice and professional you have a sincere presentation.

Have you tried looking to local groups or companies for support? (probably a stupid question considering your drive shown here).

I would target ALL local businesses, the smaller the better in your case, there is less red tape and fewer board meetings and more direct ownership decisions madeon the spot.

For example, I often volounteer to market groups that are running in a childrens hospital relay each year. These groups do a 24 hour run (one member/lap an hour) to raise money for the childrens summer camps, new machines for the hospital etc.

They have a team t-shirt competition but most cannot fork out the money for shirts, I find local businesses to sponsor the various teams and support the costs, for a little logo placement of course. Once the costs are covered, I will volounteerto take care of graphic design and printing for the teams as I work with many different screen printers and get a fair price, some even donate THOSE services.

Find sponsors:
It is really easy if you go after smaller businesses though, Bob's car wash can shell out $300 for a tax rceipt and a little promo with no notice needed.

Just food for thought, even though you seem to be aggressively trying to tackle these hurdles already.

So sorry I don't have a printer for you but best of luck to you and your cause.

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location pls

by secure_lockdown In reply to ITS A SICK SICK WORLD

where are you located?

PM me if you are in Canada.

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There you go!!

by Oz_Media In reply to location pls

Well done, I am sure your company would fork out some dough to help these guys get a decent laserjet, they have a huge IT budget and can just cut costs elsewhere as needed!

Problem solved, sponsorship!

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by secure_lockdown In reply to There you go!!

but i know who to go to to get one. if they are an accredited ontario school/college. ;-)

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No need to post then

by Oz_Media In reply to nope...

Unless you didn't read the initial post.

The links provided in the original post would answer that question for you.

"Students for Troops Overseas Aid " is a organization at New Hartford High School which was founded by David Sperling. "

New Hatford, Ontario?

But hey, you imply that your company doesn't bat an eye at IT spending as long as it is needed, well is it not fair to just assume that would include a generous donation to those IN need as well and not just YOUR company's needs? Students helping soldiers? That sounds like a pretty nice effort on your part and one that the company can write off anyway. Not to mention the generous support shown toward our neighbours to the south.

If I was you and worked for such a massive organization that gets huge breaks from MS on operating costs; I would be the first to confront the boss with a proposal of how the company can use it's might to help those who fight for the freedoms or others.

American schools don't have/provide funding for such things. Certainly a large Canadian firm can play nice and donate a few hundred dollars worth of equipment to students trying to help make the world a better place. Talk to your boss, he/she sounds more than happy to spend for the right cause.

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by 5jgibbs In reply to No need to post then

Thanks for your words of support. I am sorry, I don?t live in Canada, I live in New Hartford New York. I do like Canada, though !!.. Its to bad our school does not provide for us. I live in a rich town ?me not being rich?, but everyone is so singey about there money, its unbelievable.

Sometimes I do volunteer for the rescue mission at our local facility in Utica. I find that to be very pleasing, help server a less fortunate person a hot meal.

I talked with ebay again today, and they said, there is nothing they can do. I even talked with a guy that was a bit higher up there ?or so they say?.

Its ok of you guys can?t donate, im not expecting it. Just basically letting you all know what I am doing. I do enjoy working with my friends towards this effort. So far we have had many meetings and so on. These are the steps we need to take now

1. Fund raising
2. Get goods such as food and soap to send
3. Get goods packaged.
4. Start sending the packages to the scanning facility
5. Go to step 1
6. Change to

Again, if you would like to give me the name of a soldier you know, I would be happy to add them to our list of people.

Thanks so much you?re your kind words. It means a lot to me, and the rest of the members in our group


Thanks again

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check with local universities...

by secure_lockdown In reply to Thanks

you might not get a spankin' new laser printer - but you might get a high capacity HP 5 they are trying to get rid of.

i don't know about US - but here - we have not-for-profit organizations that collect equipment, repair and re-deploy to schools and other in need organizations.

as far as getting a brand new one. the only thing i can suggest is hit the vendors marketing department and ask them to donate one to you for a good cause. you already have media coverage - so you might get somewhere if you show them the article. also, don't just focus on HP. hit Xerox, RICHO and whoever else makes them.

Good Luck.

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ok.. good

by 5jgibbs In reply to check with local universi ...

ok .. thanks i will try that. I am not a ONLY HP guy, anything is better than nothing. I will try "Kyocera Mita " or however you spell it, Okidata, RICHO, Xerox, Lexmark ect.. i don?t need anything new, it would be nice, but its not that essential. But thanks for you suggestions, i will give em a try and post back some results.


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Here's how to get your printer

by maxwell edison In reply to ITS A SICK SICK WORLD

Compile a list of about six to twelve local companies, maybe the community's largest employers, and simply write a letter asking one of them to buy a printer "for the cause". Get the name of the company president or CEO, and send the letter directly to him or her.

Dear Ms. CEO,

My name is blah-blah-blah, and I am one of several students who have formed a group called, "students for troops overseas aid". We have collected various donated items locally and have sent them to our troops serving overseas. (Or briefly describe what it is you do.) The outpouring of support from our community is incredible, and our little group is actually having a hard time keeping up with the demand placed on our limited resources.

We are in desperate need of a high-output printer to help with the demand, but find ourselves in a position without one. It is my hope that you can find a way to help with our very small need. We are looking for a local business to donate such a printer, or perhaps find a way to help us buy a new one. The cost of a new printer with the necessary capacity shouldn't exceed four or five hundred dollars, and it will help immensely in our efforts to give our troops overseas the clear message that the folks at home are behind them 100 percent.

If you would like, we would welcome you to come and see our organization for yourself, and, of course, would be open to any suggestions you might heve to make it work even better.

I appreciate your consideration of this request.

Warmest Regards,



There ya' go. Write six of those letters (even if it takes twelve letters), and I'll bet you get a brand new printer.

By the way, on the ebay deal. Can you post a link to that auction page? I'd be interested in seeing what they "advertised".

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Some more rambling ideas

by maxwell edison In reply to ITS A SICK SICK WORLD

If writing to individual businesses doesn't appeal to you, perhaps a single letter to the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce might produce some results.

Or include a "twist" on the letter to businesses. For example, Holland Farms Bakery & Deli in Yorkville was just named the business of the year by the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce. Including a sentence of congratulations and acknowledgement in your letter might be well received.

Get names of people and companies in the region.

Suzanne P. Fiore and Marolyn P. Wilson, daughters of the founders currently own and manage Holland Farms Bakery and Deli which has grown to include.....

Perhaps the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce will consider a piece written by you guys to include in their next newsletter.

Ideas for businesses to contact:

Real Estate Offices
Insurance Companies
Law Firms

But I think you'll have better luck staying local.

Does your area have a local television and/or radio stations? They love public service type things.

Good luck...

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