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It's a toneriffic day...

By Maevinn ·
Toner: $42.

Toner safe vacuum: $245

Slacks, socks, and shoes: $115.

Creating a black mushroom cloud of toner just as 10 people walk in for a meeting: Priceless.

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What if the filter fails??

by mjd420nova In reply to It's a toneriffic day...

I had one time when the filter failed, while cleaning an old NEC LC-890 printer. Filled the whole floor with the toner from 4 different printers. It looked like a "Black Face Comedy". The stuff went everywhere, they were cleaning it out of some places a year later.

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To quote the immortal Nelson...

by DMambo In reply to It's a toneriffic day...


I don't mean to laugh at you, it's just that I'm a little giddy that it happened to someone else for a change.

As for the $115, my advice is to dress like a slob in the future; that's my strategy.

Ok, now that I've purged my cruel inclinations, sorry to hear that you had a problem, etc, etc, etc.

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I'm chuckling too

by Maevinn In reply to To quote the immortal Nel ...

The toner actually comes off pretty easily, just a few little patches on the pants, and I'm not worried about them.

The funnier thing is that those who saw the 'glory annointment' thought I went home and changed...I'm wearing brunt orange slacks today. It was questionable that I bought one pair this color--who on earth has 2 pair?

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If I had a penny...

by Tig2 In reply to I'm chuckling too

In most of the places I have ever worked, NO ONE was seemngly capable of changing the toner... except me.

After ruining several white and off white blouses, I began the practise of only wearing black or navy blue to work and keeping several pair of stockings in my file drawer.

While this insured that I would not have to attend meetings all day LOOKING like I had just run afoul of the toner monster, it didn't entirely vanquish the beast.

I was thrilled when I was issued a personal printer along with my computer. Changing the cartridge was ever so much easier than wrestling with toner.

Much to my chagrin, no one else ever learned to replace the toner although it frequently required replacing. When my contract ended, I remarked to my partner who was staying on for another month that all printing would cease within the week. He was amused to note that one MFD went out of order for most of two weeks. When he asked the support guy what was wrong, he was told, "toner was out". Tech Support wasn't responsible for toner so the guy didn't replace it.


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Speaking of white blouses

by Tink! In reply to If I had a penny...

I was wearing one when I went to refill an inkjet cartridge. Somehow I managed to squirt bright YELLOW ink all over the right side of my shirt up to the shoulder!

Which brings me to this question: How many people have co-workers that would alert them when they're wearing something with a stain or a hole?

(I accidentally wore the yellow-stained shirt about 2 weeks later- I don't turn the light on cuz my husband's asleep- why it was hanging in my closet I have no clue!!) But no one said a word to me. I discovered it when I went to the bathroom. AAGH!

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Not mine

by Tig2 In reply to Speaking of white blouses

I got home from work one day last summer to discover that I had an open seam on the side of my dress. Nice and visible but not to me until the end of the day.

I wore a cardigan every day after that...

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I'm sorry if I sounded mean.

by DMambo In reply to I'm chuckling too

After all, I wouldn't want anyone to confuse my posts with maecuff's!

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Wait a minute???

by maecuff In reply to I'm sorry if I sounded me ...

What's THAT supposed to mean? How many times do I have to say it?? I'M NICE.

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by jdclyde In reply to Wait a minute???

He has been having an issue with his hearing, so you have to scream it a little bit louder....

Might have to smack him with a shovel to get his attention first too!

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by maecuff In reply to Mae

I hate to take it to extremes..but if that's what it takes.

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