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It's happened again

By Oz_Media ·
Okay, so I have been sitting out of Tech Q&A during the growing pains. Thanks to peers, the open questions link was passed on to me and I decided to have a look. So yesterday I posted in Tech Q&A only to see an old and too familiar response to ALL answers.

ALL rejected with absolutely NO resolution offered and yet the question is closed.

Whhat's wrong with forcing a 30 character response when closing questions?

"Thanks everyone but it seems it was due to .... Your help is appreciated regardless"

Rejact a response, which is fine by all means, but at least say thanks, or what happened or SOMETHING! People abusing the Q&A forums make it frustrating for those of us who actually DO want to build a two way community and work on iour ssues as a peer group.

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Same Ol' Story

by willcomp In reply to It's happened again

Probably the reason a relative newcomer like myself is part of this "august" group, is that I was complaining about that aspect as well as questions not closed and answers not rated. Active participation in Q&A probably didn't hurt either.

We are all uncompensated volunteers and our only reward is knowing that we helped. Feedback is essential to maintaining motivation.

Rewarding questioners with points whether they properly rate answers or accept any answers is counterproductive.

While I certainly don't want to see TR become another Experts Exchange, EE does have some practices that are worth implementing.

Hopefully TR has gotten the message.

Now if can just get TheChas to abandon his unruffled attitude and start complaining.


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Christmas Traditions

by BFilmFan In reply to It's happened again

Jsut send the goobers a Peer Message telling them they have won a free trip to the Kodiak Petting Zoo!

On second thought that is not such a good idea as it might give the bears upset tummies.

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That's anothe rpart of the problem

by Oz_Media In reply to Christmas Traditions

Another MAJOR pet peeve of mine is that people don't activate their alias. You get '' and that's it. TR IS addressing that issue though.

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My 30 character response

by house In reply to It's happened again


The above would be a thirty character response from these morons. What would you rather? They're both just as bad to me. I would like everyone to show the proper respect, but they don't really care either way.


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I would doubt it was common

by Oz_Media In reply to My 30 character response

if anything people will say 'thx' and leave it there, but I certainly doubt too many people would be as **** as suggested.

I am not suggetsing forcing 30 chracters minimum, perhaps just a note saying thx.

I know another site where you get kicked out of the forum if you don't post a response, they just make sure that you go to the Posting window straight from the forum, if you don't submit it, you are flagged and not allowed to login until you have sucked up to the site builder.

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Good idea

by house In reply to I would doubt it was comm ...

That's actually a really good idea. We don't really have to kick them out, just give them a brief message that says something along those lines.

If they are aware that the amount and quality of feedback that they leave directly affects their ability to receive a good response, they might sing a different tune.

One thing that I noticed is that - a new subscriber is pretty much thrown into the wild when they sign up. Perhaps we could give them a very brief tutorial message regarding the features on this site. On top of that, we could include a small reminder of etiquette and how to close questions, behave in discussions, etc.

This in mind though, we would have nothing to complain about and we'd start fighting amongst each other.

Plus, TR web-dev wouldn't need us anymore. :)


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