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It's me...Daddy won it...Can you believe it?

By onbliss ·
Well I dunno much about golf. I have never golfed and just started following it a bit in the last couple of years.
My five year old, after running out of channels/cartoons, said "daddy, i want to watch golf". I switched onto Masters and just saw Michelson winning.

I watched his joy that he shared with his family and kids. And for some reason the words he uttered to one of his childre will remain etched in my memory for a long time. Simple and pure words. Just a human being. Wow....I liked that moment. It moved me. He was like a child.

Several sports columnist have been saying he will never win a major...cuz so and so...this and that..(you see I don't understand Golf)...But I was happy for another human being who just won a major sporting event.

Why this thread? I wanted to know if any of you had similar moments witnessing any sporting action? can comment on this one too :-)

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Individual Sports vs Team sports..

by onbliss In reply to It's me...Daddy won it... ...

Individual sports have their own charm and drama. I so much wanted Lendl to win Wimbeldon....

For some reason, watching an individual overcoming all kinds of hurdles and winning championships are captivating than a team overcoming its hurdles.

Oh..I am not saying team sports are sucks...It is just that indivual sports can move you. Agree or disagree?

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sports moment

by i-serious In reply to Individual Sports vs Team ...

I remember channel flipping, then watching some mountain bikers racing up a hill, you could hear one of them breathing. For a few seconds I was there; I ride bike myself, have breathed that way myself, knew what that person was feeling on that hill. That was cool.
Otherwise I don't watch sports, individual or otherwise. We need to emphasize individual sports more in school, so the kids have something they can continue outside of school to stay healthy. Martial arts is my favorite combination of individual and team effort, of brain and body.
I'd really like to see some of that effort and $$ spent on overhyped competitive meaningless sports replaced by some "sport" like charity house building, or community restoration, helping needy people. Now that would be a win/win competition indeed. Now before all of you sports fanatics jump down my throat, I have only 2 words to say to you - Professional Wrestling.

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Oh by the way...i did go once on the driving range...

by onbliss In reply to It's me...Daddy won it... ...

my friend tried teaching me drive the golf balls...and each time I drove perfectly. Yes a perfect straight drive in Cricket :-))))

Maybe I should consolidate my thoughts and put everything into one post rather than three ones. It must have annoyed so many of you already. Sorry. Well I think I am impulsive...LOL

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Golf and Mickleson

by maxwell edison In reply to It's me...Daddy won it... ...

Golf is, in my opinion, the greatest game ever created. The golfer competes against the elements, the course, the opponents, and him/her self. And Phil Mickelson is certainly one of the great guys of the sport. It was indeed very touching to see the way he shared the moment with his kids, and you could tell it was genuine. As far as him never winning a major, I suppose they may have been saying that because he fell short in so many, 46 I believe. I don't think it's because he was jinxed, so to speak, or that he lost that mental game within himself, but rather because there's been a Tiger on the prowl the last several years who's always seemed to snag victory from Phil's grasp. Well, he finally won a major to add to his other 22 (give otr take) tour victories, after three 2nd place finishes and three 3rd place finishes in past majors. And I don't think it will be the last. Way to go Phil.

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golf in general

by jkaras In reply to Golf and Mickleson

I too got the golf buzz when I turned 24 or so always believing it to be an elitist sport as Carlin would say. I enjoyed the comradely with my friends enjoying a day out in a beautiful landscape talking trash to my beloved friends. Those days made me enjoy and realize that I was missing out on something and wished I wasnt so close minded. From time to time I go with the fellas and be stupid obnoxios, its more intoxicating than the beer. :)

As for Mickelson I was rooting against "golf's bridesmaid" for the simple witnessing of a major tournament about 3 years ago. He was in a three way playoff with Tiger and someone else where all lost their ball forcing to accept the provincial ball with penalty. The only difference was he shot last and at first he was going to be able to rehit without penalty if his ball wasnt found according to the rules, as a young eager boy apart of the tournament went looking for the ball Phil began berating the youth to not look for it so he could have the edge to win which is against the rules. Needless to say the eager youth found his ball causing Phil to berate him in an un-gentlemanly manner unbefitting of the grace and honor the game promotes. Despite being a lefty too I lost all respect for him. Was it petty? Yes. Have I ever lost my sportmanship before when really wanting to win? Yes, but I am not a professional athlete, where he is that needs to respect the game that has given him everything including a beautiful family that he wouldnt have gotten if he wasnt who he is.

As I watched the most specatular shots that did make this Masters the best of all time, such as the double hole in ones on sixteen and Choi's amazing dramatic eagles, this reminded all who tuned in why we watch sports, to witness the impossible, man at his best. Phil in my eyes redeemed himself smiling with confidence giving it his all and I began to root for him and wanting to see him choke yet again at the end. I saw the shot, the family went crazy, and I was happy for him clapping as a true sports fan should. Do I think he is a great guy, no, not really but I also dont think he is all that bad either.

Memorable sports moments
Eddie the "Eagle" attempting to ski jump without any prior training during the Olympics that signified you never know till you try.
"The Golden Bear"s farwell tournament where he almost holed a 150 ft chip shot to make the cut handing the torch over to his no#1 fan Tiger. in my eyes it was the most dramatic golf shot ever seen, it was only inches away. He showed class and determination ensuring honor in the game.
Lance Armstrong's road to recovery dominating cycling proving that life is never over if you got heart.
I could spend all day recounting great moments in sports.

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We must have seen different events

by maxwell edison In reply to golf in general

I remember that incident, but I remember it differently. I don't remember a "young eager boy", but a PGA marshall. And I don't remember a Tiger, but Davis Love III.

Phil Mickelson, Frank Lickliter, and Davis Love III were tied after regulation play in the 2001 Buick Open. Love was eliminated after the second sudden-death hole, so Lickliter and Mickleson went on. Mickleson hit first, hitting his ball so far off-line that finding it seemed improbable. As chance would have it, Lickliter then hit HIS ball in the same manner, landing in an almost identical shot. Both players decided to exercise a rule to declare their ball lost, they both decided not to look for it, and they both decided to hit a provisional ball. The rules allowed them to declare their ball lost, even if they made no attempt to look for it.

It was a marshall, not a young boy, who decided to look for the balls. And both Mickelson and Lickliter were within their player's rights (and the rules) by deciding to not look for them. There were a couple of other things that I don't remember, but it had something to do with declaring that he was hitting a provisional versus simply hitting his second (or third with penalty) shot from the tee.

Okay - I'll look for an account of that - wait here, I'll be right back......

Okay, I'm back......

Here's the USA Today account of that:


Here's how the bizarre series of shots played out at the deciding 17th hole:

Hitting first, Mickelson smacked his tee shot into a canyon on the left. Lickliter did the same.

Both golfers then hit provisional balls, figuring there was a good possibility the balls were lost.

But a marshal found Lickliter's ball, and a CBS spotter found Mickelson's.

Mickelson wasn't happy about that, because his provisional shot was a good one. He was caught on TV saying, "Didn't I tell you not to find my ball?"

As soon as the original balls were found, the provisional balls were "abandoned." It was as if they didn't exist.

"At that point, both players' original balls were unplayable," PGA Tour rules official Mark Russell explained. "The only option they could exercise in this situation under the unplayable lie rule was to return to the tee."


If Mickelson got a little peeved over that, it's no reason to brand him for life. Have you not ever gotten ticked off about something? It doesn't mean that you're not a good guy.

Who were (are) the best who played (play) the game? You'll get a lot of opinions, but my top three votes go to Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Watson. And when I say "best" I mean in an all-around way including the level of their play, what they've done for the game, what they do for the fans, and so on.

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As always

by jkaras In reply to We must have seen differe ...

I stand corrected. It was in my begining of golf interest. I vaguely remember the incident, more of his behavior, but I am quite positive it was a rather young guy, pre twenty or so. It just rubbed me the wrong way since I rooted for the rare lefty that I too am. Yeah it was petty of me but so is most athletic incidents that shadow many athletes. They compete showing grace most of the time and show their ugly human side which they get vilified by the press, so I'm just as guilty at times. I just looked at it as very un-gentlemanly in a game that demands a gentlemanly behavior. Like I said, as he had his chance for winning, I too jumped on the bandwagon hoping to see history made. It was exciting and nice to see someone else win then the standard winners, but the amazing shots throughout the tournament is what made it for me. The competition reminded me of a good prize fight that could go either way at any instant.

Whats funny is that right after I posted it I began to remember the times the fellas gave it to me good, making fun of my poor ability and my angry driver bashing in frustration at the tee box after a textbook hook into nowhere. The following golf experience I had just about lost it due to playing so well on the front to only loose it on the back 9. As I teed up on the 17th they began to snicker at my impending bad drive. In my mind I screamed I'll show them! Whack! Apparently I swung with everthing I had on a bubble shaft diver with an oversized head that according to them, the driver resembled that of a cartoon wrapping around my body. When the head touched the ball the shaft exploded with the head careening into a tree dead center 30+ yards. I stood there like wilde coyote confused on something went wrong holding my perfect pose minus half my club. After about three seconds they laughed so hard they seriously almost messed themselves believing that I hit a bird. Once they saw my club they knew and even I started laughing hysterically at my wierd luck. We laughed about it everytime since, trust me when I tell you there are more embarrasing stories but thats what makes the game fun.

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