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    ITT Technical Institute…worthy or not?


    by novicenovice1 ·

    I read only a bit of information on ITT Tech and the views some people had with it. If you have any prior experience dealing with graduates from ITT Tech or if you gradutated, please give me some feedback on whether it’s worthy to go or not. Thanks.

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      take the tour

      by jthibodeau ·

      In reply to ITT Technical Institute…worthy or not?

      I was considering going there but then I took the tour of the campus (if you want to call it that). What a joke that was. I got to see some hallways with pictures, a library with one or two bookshelves with outdated reading marerial. I saw maybe 2 computer labs, and after that the stupid recruiter wanted nothing more than me to throw $100 at him (non refundable) so I could sign an application. My suggestion is to check out a local community college and see what they offer.

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        It is worth it

        by s_emiles ·

        In reply to take the tour

        I am a graduate from ITT Tech. I enjoyed my experience so much that I decided to make ITT Tech a place to pursue my career. My associate is in Computer Networking and my Bachelor?s is in Technical Project Management. I was not sure what I was gaining from my education at ITT Tech until I was able to use what I had gained. I was working for a Network contractor installing a new wireless network in two separate locations, communicating between the two by a VPN. All of my networking experience was gained from what I had learned attending ITT Tech. Needless to say it was a positive experience for both the contractor and myself. I am sorry that some of the experiences were not positive for some people, but what I experienced was positive. In fact my wife is now enrolled in the Computer Network Systems program and doing very well.

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      It’s not worth it!!!

      by mmd1201 ·

      In reply to ITT Technical Institute…worthy or not?

      Believe me when I say it’s not worth it to go there. They are just a money making school and don’t really care about you or your education. My really good friend work there and says all the time to me how bad of a place it is! He has told me nuberous time he nor I should ever hire anyone for ITT.
      Please take my advise and JUST SAY NO!

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      take the time to get a college degree

      by greg_ross_sr ·

      In reply to ITT Technical Institute…worthy or not?

      I know this may spark a great deal of opposing views, but as a hiring manager, when I am looking to hire someone without a lot of experience, they MUST have a college degree. A program like ITT’s would not make you an attractive candidate to me.
      I know it is easier said then done, but a 4 yr degree would be best. It shows dedication, it shows an ability to perform the work of an accredited MIS program (which is not usually a trivial task), and it shows the willingness to do what it takes to further your skills and career.

      Just my 2 cents worth.

      Good luck in your endeavors. Each one of us has a unique situation, and I realize that a 4 yr degree may not be possible for some of us.

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        What about older people?

        by protiusx ·

        In reply to take the time to get a college degree

        I would like to hear your comments on a person in their mid 30’s with a great deal of experience and certifications and no degree.

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          experience, certs, no degree

          by greg_ross_sr ·

          In reply to What about older people?

          Experience is worth a great deal to me–especially experience with a combination of certifications that prove atleast a certain level of knowledge.
          When I am looking at someone with very little experience, then I usually require a degree. And that’s what I was aluding to in my earlier post.

          But experience, especially proven, makes you attractive as a potential hire. Especially if you understand how a technology works, not just how to administer a box. If you know the consequences of changing OS settings, then you are better able to troubleshoot existing problems and eliminate some unforeseen one’s which result from a change you made. But I’m sure you do have that knowledge since you are also certified.

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