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Jackson Acquitted

By Oz_Media ·
Well MJ is no longer a concemned man, legally that is.

The judge found that the accusing family had an ulterior motive after other stars testified for Jacksons defense.

Apprently he wrote a song about the DA Tom Sneddon when he first TREID to get MJ into a courtroom, apparently saying he's a cold man, no idea what song it is/was though.

After a little more focue on his accusers, it is easy to see that they most definitely DID have an ulterior motive. She even cried on the stand and plead "Please don?t judge me!? the mother implored jurors, holding out her arms. ?He?s wrong!? she said, pointing at Mesereau.

Uhhhh, isn't that exactly what the DA had been doing to MJ the whole time?

Another one of those, it's okay for me but if you do it, it's not fair, wonder if she's related to IT_Lobo (couldn't resist).

Here's the kicker, Chris Rock had ALSO been approached by the family stating the son was terminally ill and it was his great wish to meet Chris rock, the same way they approached MJ AND Jay Leno! Both Rock AND Leno had said they BOTH felt quite used after a while of providing tricks and reats for the family. Rock even told MJ to be careful of the family as he didn't trust them.

TO top it ALL off, the SAME family had won "a $152,000 settlement they received from J.C. Penney after the mother accused store security guards of roughing up the family and groping her.

Jackson?s lawyers said it was a trumped-up lawsuit and suggested that the woman?s injuries were actually caused by her abusive then-husband. The defense also portrayed the mother as a welfare cheat for obtaining benefits after winning the settlement.

So they have done it before to J C Penny, a very similar accusation too.
She cheats welfare, even after getting $150K.
Her husband was shown to have abused her, not JC Penny staff.

They were taken under Cris Rock's wing for a while, then tried Leno for a few bucks and then MJ, during which time Rock warned Jackson about them.

They accused MJ of holding them CAPTIVE at Neverland and even went as far as saying "Jackson?s associates held her against her will, warning her that killers were after the family and that they might somehow disappear from Neverland in a hot-air balloon."

During the time they were 'held captive' they were shown to be on shopping trips, she spent a day at a spa getting a complete body treatment and makeover, the kids were both treated orthodontice courtesy of MJ's wallet.

Yes, MJ is one heckof a strange man, yes he is a bit odd when it comes to his love for children (which he says is because his childhood was taken from him by his parents and he was severely abused, video unreleased).

But to take wierd, odd or unnatural and equate that to child molestation is a big stretch.

The kids are all happy, other kids that stayed with him think he's a great guy, even Macauley Caulkin testified that he was an honorable friend adthough accused of 'playing' with Caulkin, he never did. People are already equating this to the OJ case, but in THAT case, someone WAS dead. FOul play was not in question.

In this case I honestly believe it is a false accusation by a family PROVEN to have done the same thing before.

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but does this mean

by Jaqui In reply to Jackson Acquitted

that we can't make pedophile jokes about mj any more?

come on, we need the real issue addressed, not the legal stuff.

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That's different

by Oz_Media In reply to but does this mean

You can make all the MJ jokes you want, or GWBor any other public figure for that matter.

BUT, accusing him of sexually molesting your child and seeking monetary gain is just nasty.

Can you imagine in you loved kids and had a lot to share with them, you passed on your knowledge and they made you feel young again and you found them so amusing and so much fun to play with, then you were accused of molesting them if you didn't?

That's horrible.

I've been a Beaver, Cub and Scout leader, I've spent hundreds of hours, in a tent with kids, spending time with them, plaing with them, teaching them and for the most part adoring them. They are so much fun!

Had someone accused me of MOLESTING their child, that is simply inexcusable, the parents should be doing time, nto MJ. WHat a DISGUSTING accusation to pin on someone. IF you have reason to believe it is so, then that's one thing. But to contrive a story and plot for personal gain at someone's expense THAT way is just absolutely horrible and it makes me wonder how any parent could find it in themselves to do so.

This is of course if he IS innocent, and as far as the court is concerned, he is, so that's all that really matters. Her story was much less credible than MJ's, his every move is recorded and tracked by his own people AND the media you need a pretty damn good story to get around such an alibi.

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But Oz

by jck In reply to That's different

a) Have you in recent years, since child molestation has become more reported, slept in the same tent with those scouts without other adults being present?

b) Isn't there a difference in scouts and inviting children into your personal bed? Did you ever invite scouts in your personal tent to sleep with you?

I mean, yes the guy was found innocent. And yes he was accused of something absolutely appauling.

However, there is something REALLY wrong about someone who invites children to sleep with him in his own personal bed. Especially when the children are of no relation and he has only known them sometimes for a few weeks.

And, I think the parents are to blame as well for leaving their children alone with an almost total stranger for any period of time, let alone overnight. His fame isn't an assurance of his character like some would be led to believe.

It's all screwy...friggin ****

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Thats the big question

by Oz_Media In reply to But Oz

Michael Jackson AND the accusers claim they don't actually share the same bed at all. HE sleeps on the floor and the children sleep in his bed, therefore he's sharing his bed.

The only time the kids claimed they shared the bed WIH Michael was when he was accused of touching them, which we MUST be fair about as he was acquitted of such claims against him. When he says he shares his bed with the boys, the buys share the bed and he actually sleeps on the floor, not on every occasion either, he apparently has a sheep bed he sleeps in when he has his little friends for a sleepover.

I am honestly beginning to think it really is as innocent as he claims since he's brushed off so many similar charges by these parents and it's not JUST good lawyers, they had a strong DA on their side too.

I am not saying MJ is a completely normal person, if there IS such a thing, but that the claims and wierdo/sicko charges have never stood up to any scrutiny and questioning, we can't condemn a man who is not found guilty by trial accusations are VERY damning, far too often we hold these accusations against the accused even when they are found false.

I've been dragged to court and charge dwith the most absurd issues, regarding music, assault etc. You always appear uilty to some even when you're really very innocent, because charges appear to be
so final. But they aer just claims for investigation, in this case, false claims.

Parents ill leave kids with such a HUGE pop star because...well he IS a huge pop star, everyone feels they know him so well.

In THIS case, the parents plotted against him, and that explains a lot of the actions they APPARENTLY allowed.

As for scouting, it has been quite a while since I was a leader and yes, sometimes you would share tents with each other, comletely innocently of course. These days parents woudld not allow as much, which is really kinda dumb in most cases.

Completely clothed children wrapped in sleeping bags sharing a tent with 5 or 6 other people is not such an odd experience when on a camping trip.

It's not like they were invited to go to the woods and sleep in your tent with you, they are part of a group of campers, when camping this in a completely normal thing for several males or females sharing sleepng quarters.

Children can be 'touched' by other children they sleep with too, just because a guy is an adult it does not make it any more dangerous to share a tent.

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so then..

by Jaqui In reply to That's different

what does mj say about this whole thing?

most exspensive date he's ever had.

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What about his kids

by AV . In reply to Jackson Acquitted

Michael Jackson is strange. I wouldn't want to be his kid. Who knows what could happen. Maybe people are trying to get his money but I just can't agree that all of the boys are lying about his sexuality.

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Too many discrepancies

by Oz_Media In reply to What about his kids

All the kids? Two, one who SAW another apparently sexually molested.

First he said he was POSITIVE it was 5 times, then he said he was POSITIVE it was three times.

They said they had been shown pornography, SPECIFIC issues of a SPECIFIC magazine (as if a little kid would remember the issue of a porno mag). There was one little problem though, that issue was not released until several MONTHS after they had apprently been shown it by Jackson.

This family has tried scamming people in the past, the family had so many holes in their story it waslaughable. The lady REALLY thought she had won and then started to get sassy in the courtroom, thinking nothing she said could prove her wrong, well she mad eHUGE mistakes in the way she addressed the jury directly, she mad eHUGE mistakes by accusing the defendants attorney and slipped up over and over again.

It was a scam.

As far as his OWN children, they hav everything they want, all that he never had. He spends a TONNE of time wit hhis kids and is supposedly an excellent father to them.

Sure he's wierd to you and I, neither of us could ever imagine having that fame and money and what it MAY do to us...seemingly odd but normal people.

If he's NOT convicted, then nobody can feel sorry for his kids, he's NOT a pedophile as judged by a jury of his peers (if that's possible that he has peers in his fantasy world).

The judgement and decisions were not to be made based on his serving them wine, or showing them magazines etc. The judgement was to be whether or not THAT evidence showed beyond a reasonable doubt that he had molested the children, and it didn't as most of it was easily dismissed with good reason.

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by Black Panther In reply to Jackson Acquitted

Was there ever any DNA testing done for these cases??

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WHat possible DNA can you test?

by Oz_Media In reply to DNA??

They aren't women who have been recently raped. He HAS had contact with the children and admitted to letting THEM (not with him) share his bed.
What POSSIBLE information can you acquire from DNA?

That he had contact with them? The question to be resolved was did he sexually molest them. They never claimed they had penetrative sex with him, just that he had touched them, he HAS touched them admittedly, but not in a sexual nature, DNA wouldn't help.

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by Black Panther In reply to WHat possible DNA can you ...

In that case it wouldn't! :)

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