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James Doohan R.I.P.

By ITgirli ·
I cannot believe this hasn't been addressed yet.;_ylt=Ar2FI.P9iDYUXcVvwwrvs_us0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b2NibDltBHNlYwM3MTY-

And you call yourselves geeks. a shame.

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Sad to hear it

by Montgomery Gator In reply to James Doohan R.I.P.

I read the article and did not know he was a war hero at D-Day. He was one of my favorite Star Trek actors. Too bad DeForest Kelly is no longer with us to tell William Shatner "He's Dead Jim!!" upon hearing of the passing of James Doohan.

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and as I post this

by jck In reply to James Doohan R.I.P.

it had been on that website you quoted 25 minutes. Some of us have to work, you know.

Shame on you for using Scotty's death to chide us...I hope all your applesauce goes sour and your shoes wear twice as fast!

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He gave her all she's got cap'em!

by jmgarvin In reply to James Doohan R.I.P.

Good bye scotty and god speed.

It is sad to see the loss of yet another Star Trekker....

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Mr Scott, the inspiration

by The Admiral In reply to James Doohan R.I.P.

It was James Doohan's character, Mr Scott that got me involved with engineering. Now I can only hope to continue to create innovative things with his memory in mind.

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"Captain there be whales here!"

by wordworker In reply to James Doohan R.I.P.

Scott: I find it hard to believe I've come MILLIONS of MILES --
Bones: Thousands, Scott, thousands!
Scott: -- THOUSANDS of MILES! - The Whale Movie

"It's green."

"My bearin's, my poor, poor bearin's."

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not to

by Jaqui In reply to "Captain there be whales ...

not pick..
well okay I'm nit picking..

bearns not bearins.
the ins sound is the accent. :)

just like the "Broons"
( Browns )

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pretty sure

by wordworker In reply to not to

he pronounced it with two distinct syllables beh - rins.

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Pretty sure?

by JamesRL In reply to pretty sure

I would be extremely suprised if he did, as although he wasn't a native born scot, he certainly would have been exposed to the correct scots pronounciation in Vancouver.

I use the word all the time, i.e. ma wee bairn. No i sound in the second syllable syllable.


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Positive! But I'll...

by wordworker In reply to Pretty sure?

...get my hands on a copy of the episode and replay it. It'll be quite the burd'n, but if I have to, I'll force myself to watch them ALL to ferr't out the fact of the matt'r.

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Rolling the R

by JamesRL In reply to Positive! But I'll...

It might be that he rolled his r; "bairrrrns", may sound like beh-rins.


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