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Jay, Smorty, SOMEONE! enough is enough

By jdclyde ·
It is finally too much.

I am not a fan of moderating, but this is beyond anything that belongs here, to the extent that underage has gone.

banishment would be appropreate as well as pulling his discuusions.

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The guy has problems

by M_a_r_k In reply to Jay, Smorty, SOMEONE! e ...

And I wish he'd work through them somewhere else. What CAN be done to get rid of people like this? Can his posts (or at least this one discussion) be deleted pronto? Surely it seems like it could. I wonder what the advertisers on that discussion page will say if they find out about Underage Dimwit's post sitting next to their ad.

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Has been done before

by jdclyde In reply to The guy has problems

Not often, but every now and then I hear about the SPAM discussion that got yanked.

The also can and SHOULD cancel accounts for this. They will for spamming emails. Well, he has been spamming the discussions, and now that no one will pay attention to him, he is pulling all the stops out to get someone to notice him.

That is even worse than the crude punk being a pig to GG, although he would be my next nomination.

Will just have to see what happens when the TR boys come in and start there day. Figured putting their names in the title would get their attention quicker.

And good point about the advertisers......

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I'm going to peer mail Smorty and Trivia Geek

by M_a_r_k In reply to Has been done before

I assume they'll get that quicker than noticing the discussion. Maybe a lot of people should peer mail them so they understand the problems these kids are causing.

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good call

by jdclyde In reply to I'm going to peer mail Sm ...

but it is only about 10 pm there, and knowing people in the "pacific" time zone, they probably don't get into the office until around 9 or 10am!

just hope no one goes in and replys to the punk. I can see that downward spiral from here! ;\

well, after one am and just got done most of the preperations for my dinner date for tomorrow (tonight?) night. Meats are cut and ready, and most everything is ready to roll!

Although the cat just found his catnip mouse, so I don't see ANYONE getting any rest until the buzz wears off! 6 am is going to come soooo early!

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by Jaqui In reply to good call

TR's offices are in the Central Time zone. it's the server that is in the Pacific Time zone.

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sun is down

by jdclyde In reply to actually

so jaqui is up! ;\

so that moves them forward an hour.

Oh well, I did my good deed of the day! Now I need to go try to settle this cat down so I can get SOME sleep! Damn cat cracks me up! (but NOT when I am trying to go to sleep!)

Jaqui, got any good CAT recipes?

Going with the Curry dish and a "surf/turf" of steak/shrimp. Should be a good variety!

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It HAS been done before

by stargazerr In reply to Has been done before

Another of underage's posts has been modified

So surely .. a discussion can be revoked ... I am crossing my toes (and fingers) that they will cancel membership also....


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banishment, yes

by mjwx In reply to Jay, Smorty, SOMEONE! e ...

but even thats too good. if only there was a way of clensing our memories of the stain of underage's existence.

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the sooner the better

by rob mekel In reply to Jay, Smorty, SOMEONE! e ...

Expel the guy, the sooner the better, good riddens, hope they'll do it soon

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get that freak off this web post

by nazil dsouza In reply to Jay, Smorty, SOMEONE! e ...

hey yeah guys
That freako underage need to be away from this site..... absolute nonsense talks ewwww why cant he try for some kiddy site like cartoon network os something huh. i'm with u fellas

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