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jkaras had a good idea - Retire an alias - A Member Hall of Fame

By maxwell edison ·

Football stadiums have a "ring of fame", jerseys are retired and "hung from the rafters" of basketball and hockey arenas, major league baseball will retire a jersey number, we have various sports halls of fame, the rock and roll hall of fame, and so on.

A TechRepublic member "hall of fame", retire the alias, and so on.

If you can somehow build this into your redesign, I'll nominate GuruOfDos to be included in the first round of inductees. Perhaps you can have member voting, or something, once a year. The NFL hall of fame, for instance, limits the inductees to a certain number nominated by sports writers, and a much smaller number is actually inducted. (I think it's only 5 a year.) The rock and roll hall of fame, on the other hand, takes it to the other extreme and inducts TOO MANY.

It's kind of, I suppose, an extension of the Top 5 Scorers in the Q&A. But it would be a permanent list, something an alias actually stays on, and could be expanded to the discussion area and even contributors of articles. (I'd love to try to write an article for publication consideration, as many others have done.) Another alias that comes to mind is one that was literally the "top-dog" when I first came to TechRepublic - an alias PWright(something). I think he not only changed his alias, but actually quit contributing. But just as Babe Ruth no longer is around, his contributions were very significant several years ago.

Maybe the initial round could include an expanded number of members to "make up for lost time", so to speak, but then limit it to a certain number from then on.

Just thinking out-loud here. Perhaps it's a stupid idea, but perhaps it will tweak some interest. (And it might also be an incitement to get people to "behave". Who would vote for someone who keeps getting others p.o.ed?) It wouldn't have to be anything big. Perhaps just a link to a "Members Hall of Fame" - a Link of Fame - A Cybering of Fame - ..........

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Read my mind!

by Oz_Media In reply to jkaras had a good idea - ...

Jusr as I was reading the jersey retirement post, I was thinking 'gee, they should have a hall of fame!" (well I didn't actually think 'gee' )

I like your ideas thay just about sum up what I was thinking, perhaps they could have a fun styled page, much like tha highschool yearbook. Some form of alias or an icon that represents the person best, like the hand of God reaching down from the clouds for Guru, or something. Then let someone or a few people add little one line comments to the persons bio, again like a high school yearbook or something. Maybe even a short post forum (40 chacrters or something) where people can leave a few parting words.

Yup, just thinking out loud.

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Read our minds, too

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to jkaras had a good idea - ...

Something very similar has been tossed around the TR offices. Let's keep kicking this issue around, specifically what the nomination criteria/process might look like.


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Well Max we all seem to be of one mind

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to jkaras had a good idea - ...

On this one. It's a brilliant idea and hopefully one that will come about without too many problems.


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Will it be abused?

by Oz_Media In reply to Well Max we all seem to b ...

How about someone saying they are going to cancel membership and returning under a different alias, thier 'jersey' mat get retired but maybe they won't disappear and will just do it all over again, like Mike is doing (just kidding). I am not sure if that's good or bad, just a thought.

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Not that I can see OZ

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Will it be abused?

People like Mike are just too well known. While he may at some point in the future reappear I do not think anyone here would mind in the slightest he has injected a lot of humor and really good advice along the way which will be missed.

After all we are only considering the people who make an outstanding contribution to TR and in all honestly what would they have to gain by saying that they where quitting and then reappear under a different Alias?

Just like Maxwell Edison majoring in medicine and his Silver Hammer would we really want some new person who knows nothing to come along and use their alias? Or some want to be current Peer grab their Alias to make out that they where the same person?

Maybe have a Hall of Fame and only allow that person to use that Alias again would be a good way out. But I can see no good reason for someone to just claim that they are leaving for any reason and then reappearing under a different Alias again after all what would be done with all of those Tech points?


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