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Jobs to apply for?

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Any advice would be helpful. I am a recently acquired my BBA in IS. I have limited experience & knowledge. Presently I am a Client Support Specialist (duties of Liason); and would eventually like to be an IT manager of some kind. Which 'titles' or positions should I look for? I need lots of experience in the IT field, however I'm between the rock of No Experience and the hard place of not being able to get a good position to learn it. Where do I go from here?

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Same Boat

by Smith38922 In reply to Jobs to apply for?

I have over 10 years under my belt in Systems administration and infrustruture and I completed my degree in Feb 05.

I am out looking in the job market right now and I can't find anything. What I see is that companies are looking for IT people with certifications.

The onlt thing that I can say is start working on certifications that you are interested in CCNA, MCSE, Server+, Net+ etc., and don't be afraid of taking a job at a lower rate of pay if you can gain experance from it.

When I started in IT I had just retired from the military. I walked in to a computer store and asked "How do you get into this career field." I started in sales, then did the custom building thing, and worked my way up to being a Systems Administrator for General Electric.

Get your foot in the door do what you can, learn all that you can and get your certs.

My 2 cents

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by faradhi In reply to Jobs to apply for?

Ideally, Internships while in school would have been good. In the absence of that, there are a lot of Community organizations that are in desperate need of computer help. Seek them out. Find a cause you feel strongly about and offer computer assistance.
I have an associates level education. I am a network administrator but only have 4 years of paid experience. However, while in school and working, I still found time to work with the Learning Disabilities Association of Greater Memphis networking their computers and creating a database. I found that work more satisfying than my current for pay work.
Additionally, the contacts you make in these community organizations are future references. The experience you gain is something that you can put on your resume and, in many cases, is as respected as paid experience.

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