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Joey Smith the self proclaimed IT Superman

By dcleveland ·
I personally believed this guy was letigimate until I viewed this video :

I have not asked the opion of anyone else while viewing this video, but I definitely saw images of words flashed on the screen for fractions of a second. I was not able to read these messages, but I know that the subconscious mind does pick up the messages aka subliminal advertising.

Subliminal: 2: existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness (looked it up for you).

Has anyone else viewed this clip? I turned it off after only a couple minutes of viewing, it is noticiable almost immediately. I did not appreciate someone flashing a message at me that I could not actively read. Just not right.

I am interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced the same.

- Doc

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Some of the messages say:

by master3bs In reply to Joey Smith the self procl ...

My [something] account increases everyday
I attract abundance in every way every day
I see the achievement of my goals

That's all I had the patience to find.

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Still not right

by dcleveland In reply to Some of the messages say ...

Even if they are positive messages it is not right to use subliminal advertising. They used to use it in the movie theaters, flashing images of food on the screen at the beginning of the intermission period, but it was outlawed, why you may ask, because it works.

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by jck In reply to Joey Smith the self procl ...

who is Joey?

something new every day on the internet.

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This was a legitimate mistake

by joey In reply to Joey Smith the self procl ...

Sorry for the subliminal. I actually sent a message and apologized to my list for this oversight. I currently have software running on my desktop that was picked up by camtasia during the demonstration. I didn't realize it was running until I got an email from one of my students.

These are all positive messages for myself and have nothing to do with selling the product. I agree the subliminals do work which is why I use them to stay motivated.

I will send the list of the messages flashing on the screen to anyone who wishes to see them.

The name of the software for personal use can be found at I am in no way affiliated with them, but just use the software to hit my screen with positive motivating messages.

I did get an over abundance of orders that day and offered everyone who purchased their money back becuase of my oversight if they didn't feel comfortable.

Now you know the real story... :)

Good luck all! --Joey

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