JunOS, import routes to inet.0?

By goctala ·
Hi there,
On JUNOS Software Release [9.3R3. I've created a new routing table inet.100 and add a blckhole route to it using:

#set routing-options rib inet.100 static A.B.C.D/32 reject

I want to use this routing table in BGP for exporting black-holing routes from it on the edge and tag them with the already agreed blachole community with our peers e.g. ASN:666. I've tried using the following statement but it seems that BGP is not using that even if the policy is:

#policy-statement exproutestopeer {
term 1 {
from protocol aggregate;
then accept;
term 2 {
from {
rib inet.100;
then {
community add BLACKHOLE;
community add NOEXPORT;
term 3 {
then reject;

I also want to copy the routes from the inet.100 table to inet.0 table, I've tried using rib-group export and import but that didn't work as well since it only copy from inet.0 to inet.100 not the other way e.g.

#set routing-options rib-groups export-to-inet.0 export-rib inet.100

Is this possible in JUNOS? Or I am doing something wrong?


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