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just a heads up for you all

By Oz_Media ·
Due to recent events, I have decided to revert back to my original alias of Oz_Media. You will notice all of my posts have changed and the underscore between Oz and Media denotes that it is me.
OzMedia was an impersonator who was facing legal repercussions if use of the alias was continued. Not that I really like the name but it is registered to myself as well as a partner comany I used to work with in Toronto. (You almost got that one Max!)

Anyhow, sorry for all the BS and mess lately but hopefully things will improve.

Oz_Media :-)

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thanks for the heads up

by OzMedia In reply to just a heads up for you a ...

now we know that you are you and I am me. we don't want any confusion.

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by wordworker In reply to just a heads up for you a ...

I find it funny (cough) that the TR code trims spaces out of an alias yet randomly inserts them into the URLs we type or paste into the Body fields.

So, with all respect to the winners of the recent Top Geek contests, Oz was robbed.

The real Oz, that is, the person who has visited and contributed to TR only since oh, the site was launched, made the finals but should have won something!

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Not to

by Don_C In reply to Robbed

change the subject but I have a question for fasthands. I would like to know about the job market in your area? The reason is that I am on the other side of the bridge and doing a home study for my MCSA on W2K. I have built my own network for my studies. Do I have a chance

Glad your back indentity theft is getting out of hand

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Job market

by wordworker In reply to Not to

It isn't pretty. As a look through the local Sunday and Wednesday papers shows, few are the good IT jobs that make it to the papers these days. I would plan to do contract work for a while - maybe a year or more? - to build your experience. The hires I see most are in-house promotions, friends of current IT staff, and people who've paid their dues as contractors forever before getting converted to FTE. Submit resumes to TekSystems, Pomeroy, Pinnacle Solutions, even Manpower. MCSA ought to get you some attention.
Sorry to go so far off topic.

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I don't think I was robbed

by Oz_Media In reply to Robbed

"So, with all respect to the winners of the recent Top Geek contests, Oz was robbed"

I don't think aanyone got robbed. There's some great techs here and it was all a fun thing anyway.

I never did see the results of the vote though. Was a I asleep? Does anyone have a link or even KNOW who won and what their answer was??

Wierd, did they pick a winner and not give him/her due recognition on the discussins forum??

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Winners announced 2/5

by wordworker In reply to I don't think I was robbe ...

Here is the link to the story:

Reminder to all: When you paste this URL, check for and delete spaces before clicking Go.

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Yup, I was asleep

by Oz_Media In reply to Winners announced 2/5

Figured so, like I said in another post, the best way to get from Monday through to Friday is a nice loooooong nap.

Just do it while logged in to the network.

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