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As most of you may have heard. Dru Sjodin's body has been found over the weekend and the autopsy report came back as a homicide, although they are with holding the cause of death.

I live in ND, not more than two hours where she was found. There is a lot of angry people on both sides of the border (MN & ND) on how this case should be treated. Most are in favor of the federal goverment death penalty in this case, since Rodriguez did cross state lines the federal goverment can take the case, and I agree that this man shouldn't be allowed to live. But what really angers me is the system in which put this scum back on the street to begin with. He was labeled as a level 3 sex offender, which means it is "likely" that he will re-offend. This man spent twenty some years in prison for sexually assaulting and stabbing a woman back in the early 70's, and some legal technicality put him back on our streets, but they warned us he could re-offend and he did. I hope the judge that decided to release Rodriguez is following this, and place blame on the people that made the decision to release him from prison. The system is broken, and Dru Sjodin unfortunenately paid for it.

(sorry for my spelling).

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