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    Keyboard Problem


    by sacrews ·

    Just recently I have had 2 of my keyboard keys in Dos give me different response. While in Dos if I press the (/ or \) I get ( e’or a’) . This only happens in Win 98 not in Win 2000. This is what I have tried so far:

    1. The font option in Dos try to change them, OK
    2. Language and layout of keyboard set to
    United States (language) and layout US 101.
    It was set to Canadian Standards.
    3. Check to see if the keyboard was the problem,
    I was using a Logitech ( upgraded driver 1.7
    to 1.8). Puchased generic key board. Problem
    still persists.
    4. Check Registry for Keyboard setting are OK.

    Computer Specs

    P3-866MhZ computer
    Dual boot system Win 98 Se and Win 2000 Professional.
    All drivers current

    I hopeyou can help me with this problem.

    Thank you


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      ASCII ?

      by janna.olsen ·

      In reply to Keyboard Problem

      Check out Q214408 on MS know. base. OR If you press and hold the ALT key and use your numeric keypad you should be able to create all the ASCII characters. Get your hands on a table of ASCII chars and this should provide the symbol you are lookingfor.

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