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Kissin' Cousins

By Computer Dude ·

The newest politically correct buzzword is in: genetic discrimination.

Now that gay 'marriage' has entered into a national debate, we can now start addressing the real serious issue: marrying family members.

I assume most people here are probably okay with gay 'marriage'; any thoughts on marrying your family member?

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Very common in certain UK ethnic groups

by neilb@uk In reply to Kissin' Cousins
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marrying family...

by jck In reply to Kissin' Cousins

I know I wouldn't marry any of my immediate family...but...if I found out Trump's new wife was my 4th or 5th cousin (her surname is original version of mine) and she had the hots for me, I wouldn't turn her down. I'd tell her to get a lawyer, bring half of the Donald's money, and come let me show her what sweet lovin is...

I'm not that material, but it never hurts to have a spare million in the bank.

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In Kentucky 3rd cousin. . .

by a.techno.geek In reply to Kissin' Cousins

In Kentucky and most states down south, legally they are not supposed to marry anything closer then a 3rd cousin. But on the other hand up north in Michigan they can marry as close as 1st cousins. That is the equivalent of marring a half sister or half brother. And I have seen the consequences of 1st cousin, Uncle niece or aunt nephew couplings. The off spring had spina bifida and mental disorders. Small towns here in Michigan are just rif with this kind of stuff. And people just want to live in the country, go figure. How do I feel about homosexual couplings? Can they reproduce with one another if they are male to male cousins or female to female cousins?

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by Computer Dude In reply to In Kentucky 3rd cousin. . ...

I thought the irony in the article was in the fact that this particular case happened in Pennsylvania, of all places. This is the kind of thing you hear about in the deep south and West Virginia.

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I don't know..

by maecuff In reply to Kissin' Cousins

It just sounds so, well, creepy. I guess as long as you aren't marrying your brother, or your kid or your mom and so on, I'd have a hard time judging that action. Even so, it's creepy. BTW, I'm from KY and never, not even once, did I ever go to a family reunion to look for a date. :)

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FDR and Eleanor were cousins

by Salamander In reply to Kissin' Cousins

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt were cousins:

It apparently worked for FDR.

I personally think "Ewww," and would not want to go there. However, I can't think of a reason why I'd want to legally restrict the behavior of consenting adults in that area (gay or straight). Like a friend of mine says: "Marriage is ****. Everybody should have an equal opportunity to get some."

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by Computer Dude In reply to FDR and Eleanor were cous ...

Eleanor was also attracted to the female variety of the species, which kind of ruins most guys' girl-girl fantasies.

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Quotes from the Spousal type...

by Jessie In reply to Eleanor

My hubby said this weekend, "I have no problem with gay marriage, as long as both girls are HOT."

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Ewwww and Yuck...

by Jessie In reply to Kissin' Cousins

That's my take on both gay marriage and marrying a family member... HOWEVER... that's just to say that I'd never do it... I don't necessarily think that someone's else's right to that legally binding contract also known as a marriage license should be restricted due to genetics or sexual orientation.

If two people think they're "in love" they're most likely going to have sex whether society has approved the coupling or not. Why shouldn't they also be legally responsible for each other?

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Why shouldn't Gays be as miserable as the rest of us???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Ewwww and Yuck...

Just because they legalize gay marriage doesn,t mean you have to go out and find yourself a same sex partner. It just means that Gays would have the same rights as the rest of us. I don't see how it could/would affect me one way or the other.


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