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Kofi Annon may be booted.....

By Packet Spoofer ·**15027

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

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by JamesRL In reply to Kofi Annon may be booted. ...

I won't comment on the Oil for Food scandal, I haven't done enough reading.

If you want to lay blame for Rwanda, there is a lot to go around. Personally, from my readings, it was the US, who at the time of Rwanda was still remembering what happened in Somalia, which blocked action, and when the leading member of the organization (security council) vetoes something, even the secretary general is hard pressed to re-open the issue.

There was a Canadian General(Romeo Dallaire), and Canadian, Belgian and other troops on the ground. The Canadian general saw what was coming, and realized that unlike Somalia, there weren't alot of guns in the publics hands. He had been tipped off to a warehouse where machetes, knives and some guns were being stored for the day coming soon when the massacres would start. He had a plan to do a lightening raid and seize the contents of the warehouse.

He thought the parameters of his mandate included this type of action, but when he informed the UN of his planned action, the US Ambasador to the UN, Madeline Albright, put an immediate stop to it. Canada argued for reopening the case, and by the time it was re-considered it was too late.

Estimates say that 800,000 Rwandans were killed, most of them stabbed or beaten to death with clubs. This was a racial based crime - one ethnic group against another.

I'm not defending Annan's actions -from my understanding, he pushed for some action but couldn't persaude the US Department of State to budge. That doesn't show effective leadership. But it doesn't make him responsible for the deaths either.


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Colin Powell would be a good replacement

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Kofi Annon may be booted. ...

Powell needs a job since he has handed in his resignation. Rather have him as the UN head than another anti-American socialist like Kofi Annan.

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by TopesBlues In reply to Kofi Annon may be booted. ...

I personaly think that the UN has proved itself to be useless. Getting rid of Annon would be a first step in rebuilding.

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Don't expect a lot of comments

by maxwell edison In reply to Kofi Annon may be booted. ...

Those of us who have been harping on the corrupt United Nations and a corrupt Kofi Annan have been either criticized or ignored by the "bash-Bush" crowd. They won't admit that they were either wrong of blind - or both, and they won't admit that the U.S. had a good reason to ignore the corrupt United Nations when establishing our foreign policy and national defense posture.

But we have been vindicated. These current events have proven us right. (Well, current in the sense that it's FINALLY making it to at least some news sources. But some of us ALWAYS knew it to be true.)

And even though their whole argument was based on the premise that the United Nations was right and the United States (and George Bush) was wrong, they won't change their opinion either.

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by house In reply to Kofi Annon may be booted. ...

Corruption is definite in politics but cannot be tolerated in the UN. As far as him being an anti-American socialist, I think that it's important for the members of the UN to represent the entire political spectrum whether we agree with their ideoligies or not.

Here in Canada, I've always known that the Liberal party is familia (if you know what I mean). I support them all the way, but when it comes to an international organization that is supposed to be a system of checks and balances for the sake of humanity...get rid of is not a freakin' business opportunity.

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