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First, what is KVA and how do I determine it?

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Are you talking about power supplies?

by CJMPE In reply to KVA

I'm guessing that you are talking about power supplies and UPS's, etc and are wondering about how to size your power suppply system for your computers, etc. - If you are talking about something else, please accept my apolgies.

KVA stands for KiloVolt Ampere. And you now know nothing more than you did a moment ago :-) Basically, 1 Volt Ampere (1VA) is roughly equivalent to 1 watt, therefore 1 KVA is equivalent to 1000 Watts or 1 KW.

What does all this mean? Each piece of equipment you own will have a power rating on it. For example, a computer may have a power supply rated at 250 watts, a monitor may have a rating of 200 or 300 watts, depending on its size. You will find either that number stamped on the nameplate, or more frequently, you will see somthing like 120VAC - 2.5Amps. In the second case you would multiply voltage times current to get power (eg: 120 x 2.5 = 300Watts, or roughly 0.3 KVA).

Hope this helps

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