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Ladies and Gentlemen, Its over. BUSH WINS 2004 ELECTION

By Garion11 ·
It has been a long ride since 2000. I for one am glad that we can put 2000 squarely behind us and move on as a country.

For better or worse, whether you agree with or not, the American people have spoken decisevely with Bush winning both the electoral college and the popular vote by a huge margin (as well as Republicans winning House and Senate).

I will give credit to Kerry (as opposeed to Gore in 2000) for not dragging this further and making a complete mess of this ordeal. I am very proud of my country and all its participation in this particular election. Thanks for all your contributions to the many political threads and I hope they continue (although I suspect they won't be filled with as many temper tantrums) as I have learned much from everyone here. Here is to another four years.

You are all welcome to post comments {yes even the "foreign" people} :).

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Thank god its over..

by TomSal In reply to Ladies and Gentlemen, Its ...

All I have to say is THANK GOD THE ELECTION IS OVER....

Finally freedom from all the political commercials, all the CONSTANT (and I mean CONSTANT) political chatter at work -- during breaks, lunch periods, brief 2 minute off topic discussions...

Thank god I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

....but now I'm gonna be over taxed, and watch jobs go out of the country some more, and health care won't be fixed and I'll have to worry more over friends in the military being sent back to Iraq again....

But least Kerry's woman isn't first lady right? lol

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by JamesRL In reply to Thank god its over..

In Canada we get the US commercials. The only time we seem to hear the names of congress members is during election times, and usually the only mention we get of them are the attack ads. Seems to be alot of he said, she said. My favorite was the daughter of the candidate coming on and saying that the opponent lied about her dad's support for stem cell research because she has some condition that would be helped by the research.

Frankly, either way, you were probably not going to be taxed any less, either way outsourcing would happen, either way health care would not be fixed and either way, Iraq would be a challenge.

The President has a marginal ability to impact the economy and the jobless rate. The president can impact taxation, trade with other nations, and other areas - by influence. The biggest area of impact of the president is in foreign relations.

I won't say I am happy. I don't think Kerry's protectionism was great for Canada, but I'd prefer that to Bush. But I am not terribly upset either.

I will say, for my relatives in the Canadian beef industry, I am hopeful that things will change, as the big opponent of opening the border to Canadian Beef, Tom Daschle (Dem Senator ND) was defeated.


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Correction James

by ND_IT In reply to Amen

Tom Daschle is from SD (South Dakota), not North Dakota. Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad are the two Democratic senators from here. Which of course we re-elected Dorgan back to office as well, which really seems funny for a state that hasn't voted Democrat since '64 I believe. We have a Republican governor, but our congressional has consisted of Democrats for the past 20 years or so. They always get re-elected because there hasn't been any formible candidate to run against them. Tom Daschle got voted out because he became to mainstream and forgot about the people from South Dakota and the people knew and they had a more formible candidate to oust him. Hopefully the senators from here take note of that.

Those issues (beef and other farm commodities) are local things that affect us here. The closing of the Canadian border to beef has tremendously helped my family. A few years back there was an issue with Canadian grain coming accross the border and lowering the price of ND wheat. I think it's going to be a battle for both of us for a long time.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Correction James

I suppose you are aware that Canadian grain is the largest Canadian export to the US and your largest import and has been for many years now.

America relies heavily on the Canadian agriculture industry.

So yes, I think the price war will be never ending.

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Hard Red Spring Wheat and Durum

by ND_IT In reply to Wheat

I will agree that we have relied on wheat imports because of the demand. But what is wrong is how those imports are being handled by the Canadian Wheat Board. North Dakota is the leading producer of Durum, which is basically used to make pasta. The CWB is basically dumping wheat into the ND market at a lower cost then it takes to produce. The Canadian farmer on the other hand is getting the price he deserves as he should, but so should farmers on this side of the border. The problem is the CWB backed by government finacing and guaranteed monopoly powers. ND farmers can compete with their Canadian couterparts, but not with the CWB. This causing farmers to grow less hard red spring wheat and forcing the US to drop the price of both hard red and durum, thus resulting on tariffs on imported hard red spring wheat.

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if it was the other way around

by Oz_Media In reply to Hard Red Spring Wheat and ...

and I said your wheat is beig shipped here at a lower cost than we can provide it for, what do YOU think the response from the states would be?

If it is anything other than, "They have a right to ship wherever they want at whatever price they want, and if you can't compete then you need to fix YOUR government. Ours supports capitalism and doesn't restrict the ability of our companies to compete ad succeed." then you are mistaken.

WalMart has pushed so many small businesses out of business and ever LARGER stores such as Woolco it's not funny. WalMart uses the most illegal and deceptive business practices to ensure they will offer a lower price, only to se it go up as soon as the competition is eliminated. Most cities will not grant them a business licence unless in dire need of city revnue.

Yet when I raise this issue, Americans say, hey it is WalMart's right to do as they choose. American capitalism is what made America. Perhaps Canadian capitalism is actually harming you too?

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Not a big fan of Wal-Mart

by ND_IT In reply to if it was the other way a ...

Your right it could go both ways. Things were fine, and the price was fine until the dumping of wheat came about, that's what all the fuss is about. I guess the CWB business practices could be compared to that of Wal-Mart,which I am not a big fan of either. I avoid going there when I can. Not only because of the business practices, but also it's not a very friendly place to shop. There is way too many people in at one time, the asiles are too narrow, the place is never very clean, and the people that work there aren't that friendly or know what they are doing, but then again, I am a guy and despise shopping unless I am in a hardware store :) I will be pay the high price for toothpaste at a mom and pop shop rather then dealing with the crowds, parking, and atmosphere of Wal-Mart.

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by ND_IT In reply to Hard Red Spring Wheat and ...

Here is a link to a site that does a pretty good job of explaing the relationship between the US and Canada in wheat production.

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export stats

by Oz_Media In reply to Link

Canada's TOP exports (to anywhere):

I suppose it shows that NAFTA has had an adverse effect on BOTH of our country's.

I am not advocating this, I am just pointing out that this seems to be the nature of the beast, yet hopefully without offending you, it is a two way street.

As for BEEF, I have workd closely with the Skoal Rodeo for quite a few years, and one MAJOR issue is that Canadian steer aren't making it into the US rodeos and this is having an adverse effect on thier business, as crowds are smaller and prize money is lower. Just like having nothing but mediocre horses at the racetrack.

It takes big names (even with bulls) to draw big money and the US rodeo association is feeling it too. How can such minor issues create such mass paranoia? I think the media has a GREAT deal to do with it.

I HATE the media, I think I will find a new line of work and change my alias too!

have a good one

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by ND_IT In reply to Link

It is a two way street. This part of North America is a farming belt, and I want both sides to be able to be sucessful. It's the middleman sometimes that screws it up for everone. Have a good one.

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