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Laptop, Desktop, Hand-held. Which do you use?

By jdclyde ·
In your day to day life in the world of Tech, which to you prefer to use and why?

Do you use a combination, depending on where you are or what you are doing?

Or do you just use the tools your employer has provided?

Most times I find myself at a desktop by choice both at work and at home. The better screen and keyboard/mouse makes the time so much more productive.

But then there are the road trips, supporting remote locations. That is definitely laptop duty. The laptop also comes in handy when supporting various network devices that you need to console into.

Then with summer here, I find myself more an more on the laptop to get some fresh air, though I can't go in bright sunshine of the screen doesn't show up.

How about you?

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I use everything

by jck In reply to Laptop, Desktop, Hand-hel ...

I program for PCs and tablet PCs.

I maintain a palm PC.

I maintain and use laptops.

At home, I have a PC with a 17" LCD and a laptop with a 15.4" LCD side-by-side.

As for outdoor laptop use...I get that 365 days a year, as long as I have the umbrella open on the patio :)

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Laptop mostly

by CorTech In reply to Laptop, Desktop, Hand-hel ...

I usually work on a laptop but also have XP/AD desktop and an NT desktop running at my desk for support and console work. I've supported laptops for years so I'm pretty comfortable on them.
At home I built a awesome desktop a year or so ago, though I rarely use it for more than checking e-mail and surfing a little. After looking at computers all day I have no desire to mess with one all night. My wife uses it the most for messing with digital images and music etc.

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Especially during the summer

by jdclyde In reply to Laptop mostly

If I am not at work or it's not raining I want to be outside DOING something.

I just don't enjoy swimming for hours on end like my boys do so I drag the laptop along so they can play and I can stay awake. Though I will spend most of THAT time in here.

Winter time I play first person shooters with my boys and we will have a few systems going at the same time.

And of course, getting ready to get back into playing with linux so a couple systems are going in at home for that. But I don't put in nearly the home/work time I used to.

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Laptop at work, desktop at home

by JamesRL In reply to Laptop, Desktop, Hand-hel ...

When I travel, or even in a meeting room, I take my laptop. Its old, not terribly fast, but I don't do much demanding work - MS Project, Visio, MS Office.

At home, I like to play games so I have a desktop and good video card.

I have used a number of PDAs. I may start up again - to manage my calender and take quick notes.


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by jmgarvin In reply to Laptop, Desktop, Hand-hel ...

I tend to use my PDA for scheduling and for keeping track of day to day information while I'm on the go.

My laptop I use when I travel or I have to give a presentation off site.

My desktop I use both at home and at work to get the bulk of my compting "stuff" done...Programming, surfing, etc are all done on a desktop because I prefer the egro keyboards and mice AND I have a nice 19" screen to stare at.

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All of the above...

by geekchic In reply to Laptop, Desktop, Hand-hel ...

At the office I have a desktop pc, a desktop MAC (cough, cough, cough), a laptop pc, two palms, an ip phone and a cell phone. Oh yeah and a data projector and fax machine...and I am attached to 5 different printers. I mostly use the desktop pc because it has the most beautiful monitor! I use the MAC when I am forced to.

At home, I have a router, 2 desktop pcs and a wireless laptop pc (which I absolutely LOVE), two printers and a partridge in a pear tree! Of course, I use the laptop at home because I can take it anywhere even two blocks down from my house...and yes it is semi secure...not locked down completely but good enough for a rural Texas neighborhood!

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by Jaqui In reply to Laptop, Desktop, Hand-hel ...

I carry cdrom with software for remote calls, but use hardware from there.
( diagnotstics disc usually )

otherwise, if I'm outside I'm taking a break from the computer, so no portable system wanted.
no cell phone
no pager

out is out and not available, a real break from the stresses.

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I agree on the cell/pager

by jdclyde In reply to desktop

I have a phone but that is so my kids can get ahold of me as needed. Work does NOT have my number and I am NOT on call.

One of my coworkers thought she was cool because she worked it to get a company cell phone, until she found if you have a company cell it HAS to be on until 10 pm. Better her than me!

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by Jaqui In reply to I agree on the cell/pager

a cell phone isn't a sign of satus, it's a sign of peonage.
you are at the beck and call of others and can't afford to be out of touch.

my time is mine, not someone elses.

when not working and want to be online, I use accounts online that have no assiciation with work.
my family and I are being kept apart by the nazi states of america's immigrations services, and the corrupted immigration canada, so all our communication is online right now.

( my faily are american citizens, born and raised, I'm canadian, no way will these two corrupt countries allow us to be together.
( discrimination due to country of origin )

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Mixed Marriages

by DMambo In reply to yeah..

Jaqui, I married one of those foreign devil Canadians like your spouse did. What type of problems are you having? We've actually never had too much problem with US Customs And Immigration, Immigration Canada or the Canadian consulates we've dealt with. The only real headache has been the time periods for some issues. Trying to get (US born) kids Cdn citizenship cards - 9 month wait. Green card renewal - appointment 6 weeks in advance. The only Sept 11 related problem is with the waiting lines at the border.

Sorry - off topic!

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