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    laptop internet thru cell phone


    by cmorris ·

    I’m sure there is a way to connect my laptop to the internet thru my cell phone. Is a PCMCIA cellular capable modem used? Where can I get one, and is there a cable with it?

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      You just buy a kit from the supplier

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to laptop internet thru cell phone

      Of your phone and depending on the phone it either connects to a USB, Firewire or serial port. This also has the ability to charge the phone so you don’t run down the battery when you are using it. These kits generally come with the desired software and all you do is install it generally from floppies and then setup your phone as an internet connection of course the whole lot has to be pluged together but this will dial out on the phone and make the desired connection.
      All very simple in fact provided that your phone supports this form of connection. From experience the Nockia is the best for this but there are other phones that have these kits available.

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      If you have an IR port try this (Or Use BlueTooth)

      by mattaall ·

      In reply to laptop internet thru cell phone

      If your phone has an IR Drives and i know that those phones are cheaper than PCMCIA cabable phone, just use the IR drive on the labtop to connect to the phone as a dial-up modem and use any ISP (Aol etc.) all tou do is when you add a modem just change the COM-whatever port to IR, and also read the Phone manual to see if there are any additonal steps to take (My phone is Siemens C56). Or but a Bluetooth PCMCIA Card and get a bluetooth capable phone..

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