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Lazy day

By tbragsda ·
Lazy day. Nothing much to do. Servers are serving, routers are routing. Well, looking at some of the worst personal web sites will take up some time. (if at work, turn the speakers low) (Never seen a page this broken) (love that gif animator you downloaded) (Does AOL give these dancing images out?)

Got any better. Come-on let me know. Really, I need something to take up the next 5hr.

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Heres mine

by LordInfidel In reply to Lazy day

Ya will love this one

(it's my personal one)

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Hurricane, or a tornado?

by tbragsda In reply to Heres mine

Dam man, was it a hurricane, or a tornado? Or could it be your just destructive?

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Just destructive

by LordInfidel In reply to Hurricane, or a tornado?

It is a 1940's home that me and my wife inherited.

We "remodeled" for lack of a better word. We will be finally moving in next week.

I have been itching for the last 7 years to remove all of the walls and start from scratch.

Well I got my wish.

For some that were wondering why I was not posting for a while, well this was the reason.

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Trying to buy

by tbragsda In reply to Just destructive

My wife and I are trying to buy, but I live near Santa Barbra CA. Avrage home price over 500k. No joke.

Good luck to you. Realy, it looks like its comming allong.

How about sillyest threed? Im looking for one, this guy asked how to layer five motherboards to make some sort of mega PC.

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You have saved my ***

by road-dog In reply to Heres mine

I've torn apart my house and rebuilt it room by room. My wife is usually pouring paint even before I'm done sanding drywall. The next time she's complaining about the time, money, and mess; I'm going to show her your photo album. Problem solved.I couldn't tell from the photos, did you do knockdown on the walls? I really like how knockdown looks, but it's a royal pain to get it anything close to random but even.

Also, you might want to get that electrical panel cleaned up. A code inspector might be a TR member!

PS, does anybody know how to get varnish off of a shih-tzu? (don't ask)

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What panel???

by LordInfidel In reply to You have saved my ass

I don't see no stinkin panel....

It is just temporary while we get everything prettied up. No one is living there yet.

And no one knows where I live anyways.

The knockdown is pretty cool. You need a couple of people though.

1st get thehopper and a compressor. Use the big nozzle. The trick is in how it is mixed.

If it is too thin, it will run all over the place.
Too thick and it will not come out.

You want the mix to look like really thick pancake batter. If when you shoot it, it runs then it is too thin and you need to thicken it up.

Once you get the right consistency and you start, let it dry for about 10 minutes. Then have someone go behind you with a trowel to "smooth" it out. Just run it down smoothly.

I will be posting more pics of what it looks like painted. I really liked the way it came out with the texture.

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