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Let me introduce myself...

By kevin dubya ·
I am new to this forum but not to forums.
Sounds like a riddle, however the similarity is merely coincidental. I hope to be able to learn and exchange what little information or knowledge that I have gleaned. So rather than sit on the sidelines i thought that I would announce myself to your esteemed forum(s).

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Once again it is an Australian

by jardinier In reply to Let me introduce myself.. ...

who is first to welcome you to the TechRepublic community because the Americans are all asleep in their various time zones.

I (we) hope you will enjoy the experience and contribute to the various discussions and also to the Technical Q & A section.

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by kevin dubya In reply to Once again it is an Austr ...

Thanks for the welcome - I didnt expect an answer from across the pond and to be honest I wasnt expecting an answer from down under...but thanks. I'll try my best with contributions in the technical QnA .. I will certainly enjoy the's to short to complain about forums?

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Well just provided you avoid the Miscellaneous

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Let me introduce myself.. ...

Section and stick to the technical side of things you shouldn't have any problems. :)

Unlike when you where younger and taught never to mention Sex, Religion or Politics here all you have to avoid is the politics unless you want your fingers burnt but I hope you enjoy your experiences here at TR.


Col ]:)

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Avoidance issues..

by kevin dubya In reply to Well just provided you av ...


Were I to avoid these issues then I might still be in a place where I was still young!! Jesting aside when I was young I was taught to avoid people who didnt know how to avoid getting personally incensed about Sex Religion or Politics and therefore to leave these subject areas alone and claim a degree of naive ignorance, a useful ploy for other areas such as technology when faced with ijots...
anyway thanks for the heads up and I'm sure I will enjoy the forums...thanks...

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It has been YEARS

by jdclyde In reply to Avoidance issues..

since I have heard "ijots"!

Get on your asbestos suit and enjoy the ride. You should fit in just fine.

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The only reason you haven't heard it

by gadgetgirl In reply to It has been YEARS

is because after your initial breakdown/hiccup in the divorce thread, you haven't been one!

(and there are a multitude of ways of spelling eejet!)

(j/k....... really!)


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Welcome to the Water Cooler

by gadgetgirl In reply to Let me introduce myself.. ...

the virtual Water Cooler that is known as the miscellaneous section.

Drop in anytime, you'll find all sorts of people, discussing all sorts of subjects, and you'll soon find out the ones to avoid (mostly!)

Watch out for off topic posts though.....we are absolutely notorious for straying (yes, you too, Col!) and have even been known to cross thread the odd discussion or two!

You'll soon figure out who's who, and what's what, so welcome.

Now, can you just send me a copy of your Certificate of Insanity for the files, please?


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off topic

by jdclyde In reply to Welcome to the Water Cool ...

who is off topic?


Pay no mind to the man behind the curtian.

We here are just as likely to discuss how to tweek your server as we are to go into a side thread quoting Monty Python.

Some are just firebrands looking to stir things up, others are strictly by the book with none of this sillyness.

I on the other hand am always serious, except for when I'm not.

(hey gg, the way you purr out that please really does things...... )

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by gadgetgirl In reply to off topic

Bad boy!

You were going off topic again! And look what happened when you did that to the last newbie.....she/he's never been back since!

What are you trying to do? Frighten them away before they can get their cup under the virtual water cooler???

(Pprrrroud to be of "service" !)


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Now come on GG

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to JD! BEHAVE!

My first posting to TR brought about a storm of protest mainly by Maxwell if I remember rightly and I thought "What the Hell have I gotten into?" I thought I was asking a simple question but with the feelings running hot at the time every on took it as a personal attack and my monitor melted.

This is a much nicer way of introducing people here as they are not frightened off as quickly. After all it's much better than our ruling Monarch running around demanding "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"

Col ]:)

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