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Let's focus on the positive....

By OU812! ·
Let's focus on the positive for just a bit. I have read forums upon forums of people who hate their jobs for some reason, who feel unappreciated, underpaid...the list goes on.

So tell me all you IT pro's; what do you like about your jobs? Travel, maybe the pay, the flexability, access and training on new technologies?

Let's hear it...!!!

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modern technology

by AncaS In reply to Let's focus on the positi ...

I would like to say that I love modern technology, but, unfortunately, modern technology leads to more working hours and does not make us as productive as possible.

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I like 'making' things people see value in using

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Let's focus on the positi ...

Not often I'm allowed to....

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Trump them

by santeewelding In reply to I like 'making' things pe ...

Recreate the world and everything in it, including them.

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Here's some of my positives

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Let's focus on the positi ...

One of the things I like about being IT is that you get to interact with the different business units in a meaningful way; which helps to bring together the big picture on what the firm is trying to do.

You get to know the types of people HR is looking to recruit, because you work with them to setup the applicant screening system.

You get to know how payroll gets processed, by helping setup the department onto the ERP system.

You get to understand how many widgets are needed to make product X, since you also helped get Purchasing and Manufacturing onto the ERP, too.

I also like interacting with people, for the most part. Being in IT gives me a natural reason to be out and about mingling.

Finally, despite the headaches that arise due to this one, I do like the fact that IT is still a relatively 'immature' business unit; in the sense of the traditional business model. There is still a sense of amazement that others have with regards to what those in IT can do, and still opportunities to define how IT helps address
the needs of an organization.

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by jck In reply to Let's focus on the positi ...

That I get a paycheck?

Even that's not positive. They are 4 months late on giving me my raise now.

Oh well.

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Today I woke.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Let's focus on the positi ...
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OK, but what are yours first?

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Let's focus on the positi ...

Mr / Mrs / Miss Computer Product Reseller.

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