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Let's open a can of worms shall we....

By ITdesperado ·
There appears to be a thing about private messages. Myself, I have no problem with people leaving me private messages, although I did forget to allow that when I first joined TR, all fixed now.

If people are in here to get genuine help and they do not feel confident enough to allow private messages, why should they be scoffed at or be made to feel they are not welcome? Personally, I don't blame them. There are some wierdos in the computer world who love scouring forums solely to leave private messages for females.

If it's a person who likes to remain anonymous because they plan on causing havoc, surely they're monitored and booted.

Just my opinion anyway....

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Sure thing and then we can go fishing

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Let's open a can of worms ...

I have some good hooks, line and some lovely saplings for rods.

I don't mind private messages as it often helps people to ask about things they would not do so in the public forum. If they are rude or anything I don't like I just use the 'delete' function and add them to my mail client 'black list' - no problems.

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This was brought up last week

by jdclyde In reply to Let's open a can of worms ...

and there are many of us that feel there should actually be two levels of members.

People that can post and people that just get the newsletters. If you can post, the peer mail should HAVE to be turned on.

People worried about peer mail should find out something everyone else in tech knows about, and that is "free" email accounts.

I use a gmail account and forward it into my real account. If I get too much crap from that account, I kill it and start a new one.

peer mail has not been a problem, and have only had two spam mails come from members, who were promptly removed from TR when they were made aware of the situation.

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I didn't realise :)

by ITdesperado In reply to This was brought up last ...

Been crook for a week and never saw it has been discussed already lol. I just find it distasteful when new people are made to feel guilty for not allowing private messages straight away. Why not let them get a taste for the place first, let them do about 3 posts then say 'if you need more help or want to participate further, private messages must be enabled'. Admittedly they can delete the messages if they don't like them, I just fail to see the point of guilt trips when all a person wants is genuine help.

Hmmm, maybe age is making me soft.

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Actually it was a subthread

by jdclyde In reply to I didn't realise :)

so most didn't see it.

A note, when you have an idea like this, there is a section for "site ideas / feedback". The code monkeys look there for feedback like this there more than in the Misc section.

And yes, I agree entirely about it SHOULD be a requirement to have peer mail on if you wish to post.

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The cleanest mind in town,

by OnTheRopes In reply to This was brought up last ...

because I change it all the time.

I guess if TR made it a requirement to post I?d get a gmail or some other free mail account but until they do I?m leaving peer mail off just ?cuz some people use it to shout run and hide.

Nope, I?m not naming names or circumstances.

On second thought if it?s a requirement that peer mail be turned on to post I won?t be at TR anymore, not that I?d be missed.

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but you do?

by jdclyde In reply to The cleanest mind in town ...

have peer mail on?

why is having techs make a free account so much to ask? I would NEVER have it go to my real account. My gmail account just forwards into it.

No big deal, really.

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by OnTheRopes In reply to but you do?

For reasons that don't apply to this here thread I just turned it on. Shout run and hide, y'all.

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I'ev had some good peer mails and one or two

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Let's open a can of worms ...

bad ones.
Someone tried the nigerian scam on me.
And I've a had a couple of religious types on my ***, trying to convince me of the error of my ways.
Most of them have been very good though, got to admit never seen anything I would be embarrassed to have sent to me (unfortunately LOL).

Doesn't worry me at all, if someone starts messing with me I'll just set up another account and stop using the old one.

I've helped a few people out, with technical detail, some of which you wouldn't want to post on a public forum anyway.

And at least the peer mail system leaves the harvesters out in the cold.

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one scam and one abusive

by jdclyde In reply to I'ev had some good peer m ...

don't know if you remember "Fake James" or not, but when abortion came up, he got his wifes panties all in a bind and had to write me about it! ;\

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Always a good topic

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to one scam and one abusive

to drag an extreme opinion out.

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