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Lets talk freeware

By gbrownlee ·
Although it is true that you get what you for, there is some good freeware to be had. Three shining examples are PestPatrol, AVG 6.0 and Aida 32. Know of any other good freeware?
Has anyone used the freeware Ranish Partition Manager?

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by patracy_uk In reply to Lets talk freeware

Is this Freeware, I've tried using it but couldnt get it to dl.
Is it just me??


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are you using dial up ?

by gbrownlee In reply to PestPatrol

Pest patrol is a rather large download and if you are using a dial up internet connection, there is the distinct possibility that you are getting a slightly corrupted version [a byte here, a byte there turned up on its head. Also, check out their user forum.

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No Dial Up

by patracy_uk In reply to are you using dial up ?

No, I'm on broadband but i will check out the Forum as you suggested.
Problem is that the DL wouldn't start but I also didn't realise it was freeware as they were asking for a Reg fee
Ta anyway


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Good freeware

by GuruOfDos In reply to Lets talk freeware

Lavasoft Ad-Aware finds trojans and dataminers (and some worms) long before NAV or PC-Cillin ever do as well as ridding your system of tracking cookies. I think it performs much better than Pest Patrol. This must be my top free-ware choice.

A close second is Nullsoft Winamp ( for playing media files, but it is better suited to audio rather than video. It is much tidier and efficient than WMP and needs much less resources.

Third in my list is the DivX player. The freeware version is infinitely better than Windows Media Player and comes with the DivX codec to allow encoding your own AVI's into DivX format. 2 hours of near DVD quality video and six-channel audio on a 700mb cd? Good enough for me!

A note: the 'freeware' version of DivX Player Bundle is 'ad-ware', and uses the 'Gator' thing to pop up ad windows. The player cannot be installed without this GAIN bundle, but Ad-Aware, disables and removes it completely AND still allows the programme to work properly.

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Yes on al on them

by Oz_Media In reply to Good freeware

After reading the original post, those are the same three programs I was thinking of mentioning. Absolutely invaluable.

There's also some good free trojan tools and browser pluhins like IE SPY AD and Hijack This that helpstop browser exploits.

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Other security / web apps

by TheChas In reply to Good freeware

Lets' not forget Zone Alarm and Tiny firewall.

While AdAware is a good tool for cleaning up after spy-ware is installed. A good firewall significantly reduces the amount of spy-ware that gets installed, or at least can block them from reporting home.

While most web browsers are generally free-ware, Mozilla has many features that raise it above IE in functionality.

First, it has built in scaling so that when you print a web page it does not get cut off on the edges.
The built-in pop-up blocker is VERY effective.


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by mrafrohead In reply to Lets talk freeware

That's a great program, one of my favorites actually. I use it to get rid of those pesky NTFS secondary partitions.

Though I like VirtualDub, FileZilla, FileZilla Server, Eraser, PuTTY, RealVNC, ISOBuster, Mozilla, MediaPlayer Classic, XviD, the list goes on and on and ON. :)

I always try to find freeware (OpenSource) before I go for a mainstream program. I find they're more stable, secure and advanced than what's on the open market.


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Actually have you run across a decent

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Ranish

Freeware Data Recovery tool?

One of my workers asked which unit to clean a HDD on and I just told him to use the one in my office so instead of using the one that is a P 200 with a Low Level Formatting capacity in the BIOS he pulled the covers off my computer and promptly ran FDISK and deleted all the partition info on what he thought was a 20 GIG HDD but was actually my 200 GIGT main DATA drive.

I'm not so worried about any programs that I had on it but I would really like to recover all the DATA as I was in th middle of doing a bit of housework and I had deleted all the backups in preperation for a new set which was cut short when the drive was wiped.

Currently all the comericial versions will recover the files but they remained unnamed with only the extention to tell what they where. I've rerun FDISk and a Quick NTFS format so there should be the data there only the Partition Infomation doesn't make it available.


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Open Office

by TheChas In reply to Lets talk freeware

Perhaps one of the most useful pieces of "free-ware" code is Open Office.

While arguably not as powerful as either MS Office or Corel Word Perfect, it is still a very viable suite of software.

A very good source for a number of open source applications is Source Forge.

Source Forge is a central repository for a large number of projects that dedicated programmers are working on.

I use a couple of sites to locate general purpose freeware.


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