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    Liberals old and new


    by oz_media ·

    I heard a comparisson the other day of old liberals vs new.

    They summed it up that the older Liberals in the 50’s & 60’s,were all about seeing equal rights and treatment of each other. Women were to be considered EQUAL to men, blacks equal to whites etc.

    Liberals of today have taken this to extremes.
    Instead of equal rights and everyone should just be considered a human, now it is Women’s activists, defending Afro-American rights etc. They have taken equality and segragated people all over again by being overly concious of liberation.

    This was recently echoed by several people who decided that black was a racist term, only by MODERN liberal standards.

    Another peer is overly sensitive regarding sexism, perhaps due to this same mindset.

    Is it possilbe that what began as a way of supporting equality has turned into a way of segregating people due to differences in order to protect thier rights?

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      It’s a topsy-turvy world ….

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to Liberals old and new

      There’s one you missed out on, Oz — a sickness which started in America, and is rapidly spreading to Australia — the legal system which apportions far more rights to the offender than to the victim.

      And I am not picking this up just from TV series. I can quote an example right at home. One of the sons of my neighbour was a policeman, who worked undercover in the Drug Squad for three years.

      He became so frustrated by the fact that most of his busts got off on technicalities, that he resigned from the police force and set up his own PI business.

      As you know, teachers of very young children dare not give them an encouraging hug or pat on the shoulder.

      A few years ago I QUITE SERIOUSLY considered starting a “Politically Incorrect Party.” I called at the office of my local Federal MP, and asked his secretary how to go about starting a new party. She and her companion quite wisely advised me AGAINST starting a new party, as it was likely to be taken over by other people to pursue their own agendas.

      And what was interesting is that this person, who knows that I am a member of the Labor Party, advised me instead to join EITHER of the major parties and work from there.

      That recent discussion that was lifted because it was allegedly racist was an example of how fanatical some people have become in assigning special rights to minority groups that place them above mainstream people in priority.

      At the risk of having THIS discussion lifted also, I would say that I think that African-Americans (who evolved in status over a long period of time from “niggers” to “blacks”) wouldn’t give a hoot about being referred to as “blacks” as long as there was not condescension implied in the way the word was used.

      Well male African-Americans (and I nearly throw up every time I am obliged to use these false, politically correct terms) would probably take offence at being called “boy” or “nig**r,” but “black” — my goodness, it is merely a reference to their ethnicity and no offence need be taken.

      I have a Hispanic email friend who calls me her “gringo.” Do I rush to the equal opportunities board screaming “racist, racist?” Of course not.

      My next door neighbour is English. Does he take offence when I light-heartedly refer to “Pommies?” Of course not.

      And in Australia the term “wog” which for a long time was used in a derogatory manner when referring to certain people from Mediterranean countries (Italians and Greeks) now sits so comfortably with these people that they have staged satirical stage shows and TV shows laughing at themselves and encouraging we non-wogs to join in the joke.

      Well that was a bit of a rave, but basically I am simply agreeing fully with your posting.

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        Golly Wog jam

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to It’s a topsy-turvy world ….

        I don’t know if it hit Australia but in England they USED to have Golly Wog jam. The company mascot was a black rag doll. Now I think that it was changed (or at least the mascot/logo was), maybe if Guru pops in he can update us.

        Oen of my best friends he is a black guy and he has NO problem AT ALL with the reference. If he was skinny, he’d be a skinny guy, if he was fat he’d be the fat guy, if he had red hair he be the red haied guy. they are merely descriptive terms and in no way used in a derogatory manner, which I think is where liberation has gone too far.

        People call me a limey, I just correct them as people form our end of England are known as kipers, not limeys. Call me whitey, call me a**hole or even f**khead, I don’t care, it’s the way the term is used that is important.

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