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By FluxIt ·
Man! I was just in this office of old women, 45+. Most had never married, bitter at men because not one would touch them even with a sterile rubber doggie toy, and not one of those womem could use a computer.

My task - to solve thier IT problems? HELP!

Experience 1: No matter how I talk to them, or attempt to explain how to use the applications - I am talking down to them? They get mad and seemed to be overwhelmed at every little detail.

Experience 2: MAS90 the accounting package has a few canned reports but most reports need to be generated from Crystal Reports and customized. The business manager is 53 yrs old and states she is not going to learn how to customize reports. The owners will not take action. Yet I am to solve thier reporting issues? Oh because they are scared I may find out too much about thier business I cannot access the software.

Experience 3: One 48 yr old migrain prone braless women keeps calling me into her cubical and bending over so her sweater hangs low - about where her deflated sagging prides are. After vomiting I realize there really is not a IT issue in her cube and leave.

Experience 4: All of them want a picture of their cats and themselves for a wallpaper. Fed up with this crap I posted a picture one morning of an ugly cat with his fangs showing on all the PC's! I was chastized as mean. I thought it was hilarious.

Experience 5: I set the bios on all machines at 2100 to safe shut down. At 0500 all PC's boot and run a maintenance script. It was announced to leave all PC's running when leaving work for the day. Of course most of them decided on thier own to do thier own thing and complain that thier machines are not being maintained. The script scans the disk, defrags, virus checks, and clears temp files and junk files from the local drive. It also downloads driver and signature updates.

What am I to do? Its a one man show.

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Been There, Done That

by road-dog In reply to LIBERATED HAGGS

Similar situation, Non technical persons being expected to perform technical operations. Many decision makers couldn't be less interested in giving a consultant the access required to perform effectively.

Read your agreement and exercise whatevertrap door is in there to bail. As they say in the Navy "EJECT EJECT EJECT" .

In your letter refusing service, explain that if a client needs effective representation from his Attorney, he needs to provide information, access, and trust. Without that, failure is almost a certainty.

If you are feeling charitable, provide a short list of recommended changes in personnel, training, and development.... then run like ****!

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There - Doing IT!

by Vida In reply to LIBERATED HAGGS

Are you THE IT department? What kind of office? Incompetence is both a hindrance and an ally. About 4.8 years ago I walked through my front door and exclaimed that no way in **** am I working in an office seething with angry vengeful naysaying unwielding, unyielding, uncompromising B!*@#$ - women...
But I don't know... - I went back and said - "Do it, Do it MY way, and here's a vacuum to clean the crumbs out of your keyboard - slob" They kinda like me. The owner was a little concerned, atfirst, that some 24 yr old girl was running her show from day one - but now she trusts me implicitly. She's the doctor - I don't question her procedures... She's paying me - if she wants to look over my shoulder - she's wasting time and money...
Iintroduced IT management to their frail, weak minds. I educated them on the hierarchy - Me. They're offended? So what! This isn't cookies and milk - it's Technical Man! There's no crying in System Administration!!! I run pretty seamless and fix ALL of their problems. I have the office in my best interest. I built it, I maintain it, and I come and go as I please when everything is good. Fear and respect are not only essential in this setting ? but attainable as well... just be mean and firm - women love that crap. You?re the one that knows what your doing here!

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by djent In reply to LIBERATED HAGGS

Double your support rate , carry a stop watch and tape your support visits.

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