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By Oz_Media ·
So being as it the the holy day of our Lord Guinness (the blonde girl in the black dress), do you still make an effort to wear green, on st.Patricks Day? What traditions do you relate ST.P to?

Today, I decided to wear my favorite gunness t-shirt (front says "ONE St.Patrick's day, 364 practice days." Back has a picture of a pint of Guinness that says "Guinness Pure Genius")
I know, VERY classy!!

My mouse pad is a Gunness graphic, my wrist rest is a guinness bar towel and i have a 32" high inflatable pint (rich creamy head) on my monitor.

Guinness in The Vancouver Lower Mainland has a special place that many locals don't know about.

Back when the Guinness brewery was one of the largest and most profitable breweries in the world, Vancouver offered to GIVE the Guinness family the North Shore. Now the north shore is a massive chunk of land that now houses three popular ski resorts, several districts and communities and is known as the richest part of Canada. It is the Hoolywood Hills of BC, everyone who is rich and famous lives there.

Anyhow, they were goven this land, at that time there were no bridges spanning it and the family decided to name the area the British Properties (which is still the most desired and richest place to live out here). In order to allow local to visit the British Properties, and have families with similar wealth move there, the Guinness family paid for and erected the world famous Lions Gate bridge (named after two mountain peaks the indians said ersembled lions watching over the harbour and they actually do).

The lions gate bridge was at first a toll bridge, to recover costs but was later made free and then sold/given to the City of Vancouver for $1.00.

So Guinness and the Guinness family are a HUGE part of Vancouver and very few know it.

On St. Patricks day, I always feel it neccessary to salute our Irish friends for the wonderful things they provide us with, GUINNESS!

Now I am just biding my time, I will wait until all clients have gone home. I will make sure the networks are logged and be off to me local to tip a few for our brothers in the Eire.

An old joke, "An Irishman is just an Englishman with his brains kicked in"

Happy St. Pat's all! Did you eat your Lucky Charms today?

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Didn't notice your post at the time, sorry

by DC_GUY In reply to Light stuff

St. Patrick's Day has traditionally been a major event in the U.S. Although it does seem to revolve mostly around drinking. A popular comic strip about America's Latino community once had the title character making a fuss over the way we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. "You've taken our sacred national holiday (a vast exaggeration, it's barely acknowledged in Mexico) and turned it into a drinking fest. You wouldn't insult any other immigrant community that way." he walks through a supermarket that has been redecorated as one huge "St. Patrick's Day Beer Sale!"

Our St. Pat's celebrations have become a bit subdued over the past few years as we mourn the victims of sectarian violence on the Emerald Isle. Fortunately the Green and Orange factions seem to have been watching the news from the Mideast, saw their own future, and didn't like what they saw. We hold great hope that the recently enacted truce will be an enduring one, and our 2004 St. Paddy's Day was a bit more like old times.

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