Limit internet access

By stepsimon ·
I'm trying to limit internet access on a peer to peer network. computers in the office area need it, but the computers in the shop do not. I've been relatively successful, by entering a loopback address in the DNS lookup, but someone has figured that out and is resetting the DNS lookup.

The switch on the network is an unmanaged switch, so I can't set any limits there, as far as I know.

I'm new to the field, so any input would be appreciated.


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limited internet access

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Limit internet access

you gotta have a router on your network. Block Internet access from there. This sounds a little tedious, but if it's peer to peer, than it's small, right? Gather the MAC addresses of the peers and block them from accessing the Internet in the router.

there's gotta be a better way to do that, and I would like to see what someone else says.

That's very interesting that the office computers must be blcoked and the shop ones are fine. In my company, it's vice versa.

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Nice try!

by demosthanese In reply to Limit internet access

Being new to the field using a DNS loopback is really an ingenius step. Good going! but the above poster is right. you need something at the front end to manage access. if your network is really small, just a router would be fine. if you are using 15+ computers or just want to internally control everything and host your own email i would go ahead and get sbs2003.

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RE: Limit internet access

by Jacky Howe In reply to Limit internet access

GPEDIT.MSC will do the trick for you. Follow these instructions on the last post.

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by stepsimon In reply to Limit internet access

Thanks for the ideas, I'm looking forward to implementing them.

I didn't phrase it very well, but it is the computers in the shop that need to be blocked.

Kudos for putting the loopback in the DNS go to my wife's uncle Phil.

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