Linksys WRT54G

By askidmore ·
I have a question for all you fellow techies out there. This is kind of an oddball question and I have searched other places and forums already. I have a Sony Playstation 3 and every time the lil bugger is powered on it literally hijacks my Linksys WRT54G router and kicks all the other connections offline. I have not been able to figure out whether this is a router issue or the PS3 causing this craziness. The PS3 is connecting wirelessly to the router and all my other hardware is hardwired directly to the router via cat5. Any one have any ideas?

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Did you put the PS3 into its own VLAN outside the firewall?

by Navy Moose In reply to Linksys WRT54G

I seem to remember being able to put one port outside the firewall so the firewall won't interfere with it.

Do you have the latest firmware for the router? The current release is Linux based and is very customizable.

You might want to upgrade the wireless card driver and application to make sure you have the latest and greatest.

Other than these tips, I can't think of anything.

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RE: outside firewall

by askidmore In reply to Did you put the PS3 into ...

Yeah, thanks for the ideas. I have put it on it's own. I have the latest firmware and drivers for everything. I tried even putting it on DMZ and even tried QOS for everything to try and make it use limited bandwidth as compared to my wired devices like my pc and VOIP adapter. Still every time it powers on, it kicks all my other connections on the router offline for 10-30 secs. I will continue to bang my head against the wall on this one, perhaps a few bricks will break lol.

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Linksys wrt54g

by sultansaadat In reply to Linksys WRT54G

Try Updating the firmware, it will definitely help out because linksys wrt54g has problems with the stock fimrware.

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Great Idea

by askidmore In reply to Linksys wrt54g

I went to Linksys to try to do that already. Unfortunately for my revision, I am at work now so I am not sure which revision it is, either 4 or 5, does not have an updated firmware. I also tried looking for one of the custom firmwares out there too and all the ones I could find said not to use with my revision. I don't know, maybe I will have to trade this one in on a different revision. Perhaps I can find the original somewhere so I can flash a custom on it. Thanks for the help!

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Change gateway address on wrt54g was my miracle fix.

by adam333777 In reply to Linksys WRT54G

I would always have problems with my router before I made this one simple change. Change the gateway address from the default to It sounds crazy but my router used to always go offline somehow and would not work at all until I unplugged it and powered down my pc. It seems weird but I was just about to buy a new router till I tried this. May not help you with your PS3 but worth a shot.

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by kler83 In reply to Change gateway address on ...

Most PS3 or play station has a static IP and most of the time it's which happens to be the default ip address of most Linksys routers, unless changed manually. So if you happen to use to same IP address, they will create conflict and is the reason why you cannot get online. This is not only for ps3 but for some printers as well

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While a good point, not applicable...

by askidmore In reply to FYI

My router was setup with a different IP when I installed it. Thanks for the comment though!

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by paniczero In reply to Linksys WRT54G

Did you ever get a resolution to this problem. I am seeing
the same issue, and it's a real pain.

Thanks for any help.

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RE: Resolution

by askidmore In reply to Resolution

No, unfortunately, I have not been able to find a way around this wireless conundrum. I did find however, that it is ONLY the wireless. When the PS3 is hardwired to the router, this issue does not present itself. I will be sure to let you know if I figure this thing out.

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Little Consolation...

by jhartdude In reply to RE: Resolution

This doesn't help (other than to let you know you're not alone :), but I'm seeing the same thing: PS3 fires up, all wireless devices are promptly dropped

I've seen instances of this on several other forums -- you'd think a Linksys patch would be made available to address it.

I'll keep digging and shoot off a support ticket to Linksys.



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